Arm Lock Putter: 7 Best & Professional Review

arm lock putter

An arm lock putter is a perfect tool for improving accuracy and distance control on the green. It is designed to provide more control and stability as you putt which can help you hit more accurate shots.

The arm lock putter works by locking your arms together at the elbow which creates a rigid and stable base that helps you maintain the same putting motion throughout your stroke. This can help you keep consistent speed and distance with each putt, allowing you to make more accurate shots on the green.

Additionally, arm lock putters can also help you with your aim as the arm position helps you keep your eyes over the ball for better accuracy. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 7 best Arm Lock putters, along with my top 5 choices, so that you can pick the best.

Evnroll ER11VX Arm Lock Putter

Evnroll ER11VX

An arm lock putter is designed to help golfers improve their putting performance by providing a more stable and consistent stroke. Arm lock putters differ from conventional putters as they use the arm to support the club instead of relying solely on the hands. 

This arm lock technique provides greater stability and helps to reduce wrist breaks during the stroke, allowing for a more consistent and accurate putting stroke. I’ve seen a lot of arm lock putters on tour and it’s becoming very popular. 

The arm lock technique makes it easier to repeat your stroke and keep your arms and hands in the same position throughout. This helps with alignment, consistency and accuracy. It also takes some of the strain off your back and elbows, allowing you to stay in your posture longer.

Many professional golfers have started using arm lock putters in competition and several pros, including Webb Simpson used arm lock putters in 2018 and won players championships. Matt Kuchar is widely credited with popularizing the arm lock style and has won several tournaments, including the 2019 Sony Open in Hawaii using an arm lock putter

The EVNROLL ER11VX arm lock putter is a finely crafted golf club designed to help you achieve greater accuracy on the course. This CNC milled putter is created in Carlsbad, California and features a combination of black anodized 6061 aluminum and 303 stainless steel weights for unparalleled performance.

The black anodized aluminum gave the putter a sleek look and the stainless steel weights made it feel very sturdy. This arm lock putter felt light and well balanced when holding hands, which is very important for a golfer who has a slower swing speed.

This arm lock putter also provided you with great forgiveness. It is easy to make minor adjustments in your stroke since the club head weight allows for a smooth swing path and you can hit the ball precisely without having to worry about major mishits. The stainless steel weights gave the arm lock putter good stability that helped minimize any unwanted twisting or rotation at impact.

The arm lock putter made putting feel effortless. Its loft angle of 2 degrees helped you get the ball rolling quickly without having to hit it too hard. The Tour Tac grip felt very comfortable and provided a good amount of control when you lined up your shots. The arm lock feature is a great help as it allows you to keep your arm in the same position throughout your stroke which makes it much easier to stay on line.


  • Light and sturdy 
  • Increased stability 
  • Provide better accuracy 
  • Lightweight and well balanced
  • Helps get the ball rolling quickly 
  • Sleek black anodized aluminum finish 
  • Provides good control when lining up shots 
  • Arm lock feature makes it easy to keep arm in the same position.


  • Not suitable for golfers with faster swing speeds.

The Cobra King 3D Printed Agera arm lock putter offers you a great level of stability, accuracy and consistency. With its arm lock design, this putter eliminates any variations in shaft angle throughout the stroke and helps you to find a consistent tempo. The arm lock setup allows you to rest the grip and shaft against their lead forearm for maximum stability.

The putter's multi-material construction combines a 3D printed nylon lattice cartridge, a 291g steel frame, an 18g aluminium cap and 42g of tungsten on the perimeter for maximum stability and accuracy. The 3D printed nylon lattice structure optimizes the weight distribution within the putter head and creates the highest moment of inertia (MOI) possible.

The arm lock putter also features SIK Golf’s patented Descending Loft Technology (DLT). This technology uses four descending loft angles to ensure consistent and accurate roll for every style of stroke. The DLT produces a consistent launch angle of 1.5 degrees for all putting strokes regardless of the attack angle. This helps you to accurately predict their putts and creates a more consistent tempo. 

This arm lock putter also comes with an oversized fang shape for maximum forgiveness and optimal alignment. This arm lock design combined with the oversized fang shape provides you with superior accuracy and control to help you make more putts.


  • Maximum MOI 
  • Increases forgiveness 
  • Optimizes weight distribution 
  • Ensures consistent launch angles
  • Eliminates variations in shaft angle 
  • Oversized grip helps reduce arm fatigue 
  • Offers greater stability throughout the stroke 


  • Heavier club head means slower swing speeds

The Ping Harwood arm lock putter is a great choice for golfers of all skill levels. This arm lock putter makes it easy to feel confident when putting and helps provide consistency in performance.

It features a dual-durometer insert that provides both the softness and precision needed for shorter putts, as well as firmer material to help with distance control. The shallow, uniform grooves create a soft feel and consistent roll, while the multi-material construction helps increase MOI for more forgiveness. The arm lock design of this putter makes it incredibly easy to set up and align correctly on every shot.

The arm lock design of this putter helps you to easy to align the putter which eliminates any missed hits that could occur with an incorrect setup. You can also find the dual durometer inserts when you will use them.

It works well in helping you adjust the speed of each putt accordingly. The shallow, uniform grooves provided a soft feel and helped in achieving a consistent roll towards the hole. The multi-material construction allowed you to hit accurate putts with more forgiveness.

Additionally, you can also enjoy the look and feel of this arm lock putter. It has a modern design that looks great when standing over the ball. The arm lock feature helps give the club a unique look that stands out from other putters on the market today. 


  • Easy alignment. 
  • Provide speed and accuracy control.
  • Give a soft feel and consistent roll.
  • High MOI for more forgiveness.  
  • Unique arm lock design.


  • Arm lock feature may be slightly uncomfortable for some golfers.

The Bettinardi Inovai 8.0 Arm Lock Putter is designed for golfers looking for confidence, consistency and maximum forgiveness on the greens. This putter was created with a 303 Stainless Steel front piece for a solid feel at impact and a Military Grade 6061 Aluminum body that has defined wings that helps improved stability and promotes arm bracing along the left arm for straighter and more consistent putting. 

The armlock technique gives golfers a confidence boost on short putts, making their shot process much easier. With minimal toe hang, one shaft of offset and a 400-gram head, this mallet is perfect for players with a straight back and straight-through putting stroke. The armlock design allows for increased control, stability and accuracy on long putts. 

The INOVAI Lineup features of Stealth Black anodized 6061 Military Grade Aluminum body and a Diamond Blast finished 303 Stainless Steel front piece, making this arm lock putter aesthetically pleasing as well. Plus, Bettinardi only uses premium materials for the INOVAI series putters, so you know you're getting the best of the best. 

This arm lock putter provides golfers with many benefits including improved accuracy, a more consistent putting stroke and reduced fatigue. What's even better is that this arm lock putter comes with a standard or jumbo Lamkin Sink Fit putter grip that encourages proper wrist alignment for optimal control.


  • High MOI.
  • Reduced fatigue.
  • A solid feel of impact.
  • Improved accuracy.
  • Promotes arm bracing & stability.
  • Gives confidence and more control on short putts.


  • Slightly expensive than other putters.

The Cobra King 3D Printed Grandsport arm lock putter is one of the most impressive clubs in golf. This unique arm lock design puts stability and consistency at the forefront for every golfer, regardless of their putting stroke.

This arm lock design has improved your putting consistency by eliminating any variations in shaft angle in your stroke. The oversized grip allows you to rest the grip and shaft against your lead forearm for optimal stability.

The multi material construction of this arm lock putter is amazing and it really helps to optimize the weight distribution within the putter head. The 3D printed nylon lattice structure ensures that maximum MOI is achieved for maximum stability and accuracy.

The Descending Loft Technology (DLT) in this putter helps to ensure that every putt has a consistent launch and trajectory regardless of what kind of attack angle you use.

Overall, the Cobra King 3D Printed Grandsport arm lock putter is an impressive putter. Not only does it look great, but it also helps to improve putting accuracy and consistency.


  • Maximum MOI.
  • Ensures weight distribution is optimized.
  • Provides consistent launches and trajectories.
  • Oversized grip increases stability.
  • Eliminates variations in shaft angle for improved consistency. 


  • May require time to adjust to the arm lock design.

The SIK GOLF PRO C-SERIES arm lock putter is the putter of choice for PGA Tour professionals like Bryson DeChambeau, who won five times on the PGA Tour and once on the European Tour from 2017 to 2019. Featuring a Plumber’s Neck arm lock design, this putter has a 370 grams head weight and provides you with maximum stability and face control.

The arm lock design ensures that the grip is oriented parallel to the putter face which provides more contact points at the address and through impact for a stable, square setup. This arm lock system also allows you to have your hands in a natural, relaxed position at the address rather than having to grip the club too hard or strain your wrists in an uncomfortable manner. 

The C-SERIES arm lock putter also promotes a smooth pendulum-like stroke from set up to finish, helping you generate consistent speed and a consistent line on all putts for maximum accuracy. This arm lock design gives you the ability to have a more consistent arm swing and stroke and eliminates errant putts due to rushed or jerky motions. 

This putter also provides you with an enhanced feel when striking the ball and allows you to gauge better. With this arm lock putter, you can accurately hit your desired distance and line with confidence, making it easier to make more putts on the green. 

The SIK GOLF PRO C-SERIES arm lock putter also features an aerodynamic design that helps reduce drag and allows for more speed and accuracy on the green. This arm lock putter is extremely durable and comes with a one-year warranty, so you can be sure that it will serve your needs for years to come. 

For golfers looking for a reliable arm lock putter that offers increased face control and natural arm swing, the SIK GOLF PRO C-SERIES arm lock putter is a great choice. 


  • Reduces drag.
  • Smooth pendulum like stroke.
  • Increases speed & accuracy.
  • Provide better distance and accuracy. 
  • Maximum stability and face control.
  • Durable and comes with a one-year warranty. 
  • Design allows for natural arm swing and relaxed hands.


  • May be too heavy for some golfers

The Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Arm Lock Putter is an expertly crafted piece of equipment that provides you with the confidence and accuracy necessary to succeed on the green.

Precision milled from a single block of 303 stainless steel, this sleek arm lock putter features Bettinardi’s Roll Control Face Milling, a scientifically engineered groove profile designed to get the ball into a true roll faster. The arm lock style of putter helps golfers to properly set up and roll the ball more effectively.

The Diamond Blast finish provides an anti-glare professional look and feel, while the crisp red and black paint scheme gives it a superior aesthetic. Bettinardi has also included their signature Lamkin SINK Fit grip to give golfers a comfortable and secure hold on the arm lock putter.

The arm lock design of the SS28 arm lock putter is essential for Arm Lock players of any level and was developed with direct feedback from Matt Kuchar, 9 times PGA Tour winner. With this arm lock putter in hand, your setup will be correct which allows for a more consistent stroke and improved accuracy on the greens.

The Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 arm lock putter provides you with the perfect balance of control and accuracy. Its arm lock design helps set up correctly for a more consistent stroke, while its Roll Control Face Milling puts topspin on the ball to get it rolling faster.


  • Superior durability.
  • Provides a professional look and feel.
  • Lamkin sink fit grip for a comfortable and secure hold.
  • Helps you set up correctly for a more consistent stroke.
  • Roll control face milling puts topspin on the ball to get it rolling faster.


  • Weight is heavier than traditional arm lock putters.


What is an arm lock putter?

An arm lock putter is a specially designed putter that allows you to anchor your arm against your body while putting. This can provide more stability, allowing for better accuracy and consistency when hitting the ball.

Are arm lock putters legal in golf tournaments?

Yes, arm lock putters are allowed in golf tournaments that follow the Rules of Golf as set forth by the United States Golf Association (USGA).

What are the benefits of using an arm lock putter?

Using an arm lock putter can help you maintain a consistent stroke, improve accuracy and reduce fatigue over long rounds of golf. It can also provide more stability throughout your putting motion, allowing for more control over your shots.

Is it difficult to transition from a traditional putter to an arm lock putter?

While it may take some time to get used to the different feel of an arm lock putter, many golfers find that after a few practice sessions, it becomes second nature. It's a great idea to take some time on the practice green before taking your arm lock putter out for an actual round of golf.

What types of arm lock putters are available?

There are several different types of arm lock putters available on the market today, including blade-style and mallet-style designs. Depending on your preference, you can find an arm lock putter suited to your game. It's always a good idea to try out different models to find the one that best suits your needs.

Are arm lock putters more expensive than traditional putters?

Generally, arm lock putters are slightly more expensive than traditional putters due to their specialized design. However, they can be well worth the investment if you're looking for improved accuracy and consistency on the course. The right arm lock putter can make a big difference in your game!

What other tips should I keep in mind when using an arm lock putter?

Practicing with your arm lock putter is key, as it takes time and repetition to get used to the different feel of the arm lock style. Additionally, make sure your arm and body are in a comfortable position while putting to ensure maximum results. With the right practice and technique, arm lock putters can be an excellent addition to any golfer's set of clubs!

Why professional players against the arm lock putter? 

While arm lock putters are legal for tournament play but some professional golfers may be opposed to them due to the perceived advantage they provide in terms of accuracy and consistency. Ultimately, it is up to every individual golfer to decide whether arm lock putters are a good fit for their game. Additionally, arm lock putters can be more expensive and not every golfer may be able to afford them. For these reasons, arm lock putters may not be popular among professional players. 

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