7 Best High MOI Putters 2023

High MOI Putters

Best High MOI putters suited for golfers who want to increase their distance control, feel the ball better and reduce any skidding. With the best high MOI putters, a golfer can improve accuracy even on longer distances and make more putts. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the best High MOI putters , along with my top 5 choices, so that you can pick the best.

TaylorMade Spider GT

TaylorMade Spider GT Best Putters For Beginners

In golf, putting is just as important as any other game aspect. The best golfers understand that having a dependable and accurate putter can make all the difference in their score on the green, which is why so many golfers search for the best High MOI Putters out there.

High MOI putters are more stable on off-center hits and produce less twisting. This helps golfers stay consistent with their strokes and increase accuracy on the green. These putters are also best for golfers who struggle with accuracy and consistency on their putting strokes. These putters help maintain a better balance point, providing more stability when hitting off-center shots.

Golfers know they can trust the TaylorMade Spider GT when it comes to the best high MOI putters. This is one of the most innovative putters on the market, and its features make it a favorite among competitive players and recreational golfers.

The Spider GT has an open frame multi-material construction with two steel side wings (90g each) that push 82% of the overall weight to the perimeter. This makes for extreme stability on off-center strikes, so you don’t have to worry about your shots going astray. It also has a lightweight top plate made from anodized aluminum, making it more durable than other finishes like PVD or paint.

In addition to its stability, the Spider GT also features a unique design. Its ultra-lightweight top plate and short slant hosel combine to create a 21° of toe hang best suited for golfers with moderate face rotation in their putting stroke.

It also has an eye-catching Pure Roll insert, crafted from TPU urethane and silver aluminum beams angled at 45° for consistent roll every time you putt.

Overall, TaylorMade’s Spider GT is among the best high MOI putters available today. Its cutting-edge construction makes it one of the most forgiving and accurate putters on the market, while its contemporary design will turn heads on any course or practice range.


  • Provide stability and distance control.

  • Incredibly forgiving on off-center strikes.

  • Multi-material construction for durability.

  • Consistent roll time after time.

  • Hosel generates 21° of toe hang.

  • Short sightline for improved alignment.

  • It improves topspin and creates a truer roll.

  • Lightweight for improved speed and accuracy.

  • Solid feel and premium look with an anodized aluminum finish.

  • Available for both left and right-handers.

  • Available in a 3° loft with 3 length options 33", 34" and 35" inches.


  • No option for an adjustable loft.

The 2-Ball Eleven Triple Track putter is the best mallet putter for golfers who want to improve their putting. This double-bend face-balanced mallet is designed for golfers with minimal arc and face rotation in their strokes.

Its high MOI head design with Stroke Lab shaft, White Hot insert, and Triple Track technology give it superior performance. The two 15-gram adjustable weights make this putter even more customizable to fit your needs.

The Odyssey Eleven shape uses a legendary White Hot insert, providing exceptional forgiveness and alignment properties with higher MOI than typical blades.

It features a forward center of gravity that produces tighter dispersion on off-center hits and more control over the speed and spin of your putts. The putter’s multi-material design is a lightweight TPU sole which improves the sound and feels while adding very little weight.

Golfers who will use Odyssey Eleven will benefit from the improved consistency in their stroke and will be able to aim better. Because of its forward CG positioning, Golfer can expect tighter dispersion on off-center hits, resulting in fewer three-putts and better overall performance on the green.

This best mallet putter is available in three versions – Tour Lined, Triple Track Alignment, or a classic unlined model – so golfers can find a style that best suits them for optimal putting performance.


  • Incredibly forgiving & Lightweight.

  • Improved stability and consistency.

  • Provides alignment and accuracy.

  • Adjustable weights.

  • Exceptional sound and feel.

  • Available in a 3° loft with 3 length options 33", 34" and 35" inches.

  • High MOI head design for improved forgiveness and alignment.
  • Two 15-gram adjustable weights for customizability.
  • Forward CG for tighter dispersion on off-center hits.
  • Available in three versions to best suit the golfer's needs.


  • This putter is not available in the left-hand option.

The KING Agera putter is a revolutionary putter from the best in the golfing industry. It's among the highest MOI putter that offers 7540 MOI. Many consider it the best mallet putter in the market for its multi-material construction and state-of-the-art design.

The KING 3D Printed Agera Putter features an oversize mallet shape and multi-material, aluminum, tungsten weights, and SIK Face Technology. Combined, these components deliver the highest level of MOI

The KING 3D Printed Agera Putter's unique combination of materials creates maximum stability while optimizing weight distribution. The 3D-printed lattice cartridge optimizes the weight distribution within the putter head for a higher MOI.

Whether you have an ascending, neutral, or descending attack angle, the KING 3D Printed Agera Putter will help improve your game by providing stability and accuracy on the green. 

In addition, KING partnered with SIK Golf and Bryson Dechambeau to design a King Agera putter face with Descending Loft Technology (DLT). This technology ensures that every putt will have a consistent launch and trajectory, with a consistent launch of 1.5 degrees for every type of stroke.

The best part about this putter is that it is available in both standard Length (35") as well as ONE Length (37.5"). For those who prefer a taller posture at the address to promote consistency and help relieve back pain, the ONE Length option is perfect for them as it helps ensure all clubs are set to the same Length. This allows golfers to use the same setup regardless of their clubs, making repeating their swings more consistently easier.


  • High MOI for improved stability

  • Lightweight and easy to swing

  • Features SIK Face Technology for increased accuracy

  • Oversize mallet shape provides more forgiveness

  • Increased consistency.

  • Helps in off-center hits.

  • Available in 4°, 3°, 2° and 1° loft options for both left and right-handers.

  • Available in 34", 35" and 37.5" inches length options.


  • The price of the putter is higher than other putters on the list.

  • Not customizable in terms of weight.

The best putters in the market have always been the ones that offer maximum stability, distance control, and accuracy. The Tour Edge Exotics 701 Max is a perfect example, combining an ultra-high Moment of Inertia (MOI) with a modern mallet design to help golfers hit more accurate shots on the green.

The Tour Edge Exotics 701 Max Putter is designed to provide increased stability and accuracy when putting. Its unique combination of extreme MOI, modern mallet design and precision-molded microgrooves on the face offers exceptional performance for golfers of all skill levels.

The extreme MOI comes from two sources: a larger carbon sole plate redistributes weight to the sides and back of the club head, making it more stable in contact with the ball, while interchangeable weights in the heel and toe areas add even more stability as you putt. The face features a softer durometer thermoplastic TPU insert for an improved feel, while microgrooves improve forward roll and reduce skidding off the face.

The Tour Edge Exotics 701 Max Putter also features Lock-On Alignment Technology. This one-of-a-kind contrast alignment technology allows you to easily discern if the lie angle of your putter is matched correctly to your target. This helps ensure accuracy as you putt it and makes lining up shots much easier overall.

This best High MOI putter offers golfers a unique blend of accuracy, stability, and feel. Its interchangeable weights suit players with higher swing speeds, while its extreme MOI ensures the best possible performance on the green.


  • Large club head for more stability and accuracy.
  • Lock On Alignment Technology helps you aim better.
  • Extreme MOI allows for improved accuracy and stability when putting.
  • Interchangeable weights on the sole.
  • Provide a softer and more consistent feel
  • Available in 33", 34" and 35" inches length options.
  • Lock-On Alignment Technology ensures the best possible alignment with your target.


  • Available in only a 3° loft.

  • Not available for the left-hander.

  • Weight kit is not included with the purchase of a Wingman putter and must be purchased separately.

The Ping Tyne C Putter is one of the best High MOI putters, providing maximum stability and accuracy to help you stay ahead of your competition on the green.

Coupled with its multi-material construction and precise alignment options, this putter allows golfers maximum control when putting and makes their best shots count every time.

The Ping Tyne C Putter is one club that provides maximum stability during your stroke and impressive accuracy when hitting your shot. Its multi-material construction includes 17-4 stainless steel for an incredibly solid feel, tungsten for added weighting, and aluminum for increased MOI.

As for performance, the Ping Tyne C Putter’s face features shallow grooves that are uniform in depth across the face, which combine with its dual-durometer insert to provide a soft feel and consistent roll.

The best part about this club is that golfers of all levels can use it. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert golfer, the precise alignment options included in the design will help improve your accuracy on the green and make putts simpler to sink—especially fast putts where every stroke counts.

And because of its high MOI technology, you can be sure that even off-center hits will still have great distance control—ensuring your best shots are rewarded with the best results.


  • High stability and accuracy when putting
  • Multi-material. Construction for a solid feel.
  • Uniform grooves provide consistent roll.
  • Alignment options improve accuracy on the green.
  • High MOI ensures distance control even with off-center hits.
  • Available in a 3° loft option for both left and right-handers.
  • Available in 33", 34", 35" and 36" inches length options


  • Heavy weight may not be ideal for golfers with slower swing speeds 


The PXG 0211 Lightning Putter is an excellent tool to help you take your game to the next level. Its superior design features, enhanced controlaccuracy, sound quality and optimal ball-speed consistency, are best for a beginner and a seasoned pro.


At first glance, the 0211 Lightning stands out from the crowd with its sleek look and innovative design. It is made of a303 stainless steel, providing durability and performance throughout your round. The face-balanced hang angle is excellent for golfers who tend to push or pull their shots, as it helps promote a more consistent swing.


The key feature that sets this best-in-class mallet apart from all others is the prominent Runway Reticle™ alignment aid. This visual mechanism pairs with a top rail line to help you maintain focus and keep your aim on target throughout your putting stroke. Additionally, the significantly flared dual-step geometry creates an easy-to-follow line that will help putt like a pro.


When it comes to feeling, the 0211 Lightning putter does not disappoint. The Pyramid Face Pattern is designed for maximum performance, best-in-class feel, and sound quality across the club face. Based on tour player feedback and R&D testing, this groove depth enhances feel while optimizing initial ball velocity. This helps ensure consistency with launch angle, spin rates and skid distance – all major factors that affect the roll.



  • Wide body design provides stability and control.
  • High MOI Provides stability and accuracy. 
  • Flared dual-step geometry for easy alignment.
  • Best-in-class feel and sound quality across the club face.
  • Optimized ball velocity for consistent launch angle, spin rates and skid distance.
  • Face-balanced hang angle helps promote a more consistent swing.
  • Available in 1.,2,3°,4°& 5°loft for both left and right-handers.

  • Available in 34", 35" and 37.5" inches length options.


  • Not suitable for advanced players who prefer a lighter putter.


When I first held the Cleveland Frontline Elevado Single Bend Putter in my hand, I could feel the quality immediately. The Tungsten Forward Weighting gave me a nice balanced feeling, allowing me to make a smooth stroke through impact.

The Frontline Elevado is a very forgiving putter. Cleveland Frontline comes with Speed Optimized Face Technology that helps golfers by normalizing ball speed across the face.

This Face Technology ensures that you will get consistent distance performance no matter where you strike the ball on the putter. This is great for beginner golfers as it takes away some guesswork and allows them to focus on their stroke technique instead.

The Cleveland Frontline Elevado Single Bend Putter also features 2135 Technology that helps golfers achieve better alignment on their putts.

The unique milled lines located in the back cavity of the putter help to promote square setup, allowing for more accurate and consistent putts.

The Forward Weights of the Cleveland Frontline Elevado Single Bend Putter are also beneficial for beginner golfers.

With Tungsten Forward Weighting, the center of gravity is positioned closer to the face, which helps stabilize the putter through impact resulting in straighter putts. This makes it easier for beginners to achieve greater accuracy and consistency on their putts.

In conclusion, the Cleveland Frontline Elevado is among the best High MOI putters. It provides great stability and accuracy.


  • Forgiving.

  • Improved stability and accuracy.

  • Easy for beginner golfers to swing.

  • Better alignment on putts.

  • Excellent balance and feel to help beginner golfers.

  • Available in 33", 34" and 35" inches length options.

  • Available for both left and right-hander.


  • Available in only a 3° loft.


Q: What are the best High MOI putters?

The best high MOI putters are TaylorMade Spider GT, Odyssey 11 Triple Track, Cobra King Agera, Tour Edge Exotics, Ping Tyne C Putter, PXG Lightning 0211, Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter. All these models offer great stability on miss-hits and provide an increased feel for golfers throughout their stroke.

Q: Why are these the best High MOI putters?

These putters feature a combination of optimized weight distribution and perimeter weighting, which work together to enhance stability and forgiveness on off-center hits. They also have a larger sweet spot, allowing for a more consistent roll and better results. The putters also feature avant-garde designs that stand out on the course.

Q: Who is best suited to using these putters?

These putters are best suited to mid and higher-handicap golfers who need extra help with their putting stroke. The larger sweet spot offered by these putters, combined with the increased stability from the high MOI design, make them perfect for those golfers who struggle to hit the ball consistently in a straight line.

Q: How will using one of these High MOI putter impact my game?

Using one of these High MOI putters can significantly improve your overall putting performance. The larger sweet spot and improved stability make it easier to hit more consistent putts, while the avant-garde design of these putters will also help you feel confident standing over your shots. These putters can help you lower your scores and take strokes off your game in no time!


There you have it – my list of the best high MOI putters.

Let us know which putter you use.

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