11 Proven Best Irons For Beginners & High Handicappers 2023

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Choosing the Best Irons for Beginners and High handicappers is crucial to hitting approach shots to the green. From easy fairway launch to accurate land and stop on a green, the best irons can help you achieve your goals. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 11 best Irons for beginners and high handicapper, along with my top 5 choices, so that you can pick the best.


TaylorMade Golf Stealth Iron

If you’re a beginner or high handicapper, finding the best irons can be difficult, as there are many factors to consider when choosing the right irons for your game. The right equipment is crucial to improving your game and taking your game to the next level. But if you’re looking for irons that offer distance, forgiveness, accuracy, help off-center hits and easy launch, then this article will ease the process so you can choose confidently.

When choosing the best irons for beginners and high handicappers, you should consider price, High MOI, Center of gravity, easy launch, forgiveness, swing speed and many more.

In this guild, we’ll compare:

  • The best irons to achieve good distance.
  • The best flexible face irons to hit an off-center shot with confidence.
  • The one with high MOI for stable shots.
  • The best lightweight iron for ease of swing.
  • The irons for best forgiveness.

The Stealth irons from TaylorMade are some of the best irons for beginners and high handicappers because they offer a great combination of forgiveness and performance.

The TaylorMade Stealth Iron 3D Cap Back design allows for better ball speeds and longer carry distances. It's lowered CG increased launch angle and peak height, producing a high ball flight, long carry distances and heavy stopping power.

The Cap Back design with toe wrap construction in stealth iron also helps to reduce vibrations, giving the Stealth iron a forged-like feel.

The TaylorMade Stealth Iron comes with Thru-Slot Speed Pocket technology, TaylorMade patented technology maximises face flex for increased ball speed and forgiveness for miss-hits low on the face.

 The Speed Pocket helps reduce spin rates, giving the ball more distance and providing enhanced forgiveness by flexing more at impact.

To improve sound and feel at impact, TaylorMade used ECHO Damping System, designed to reduce vibrations, giving the Stealth iron a forged-like feel. It also provides enhanced forgiveness by absorbing impact vibrations.


  • Great combination of forgiveness and performance
  • Awesome clubs.
  • Great set of irons and sharp looking.
  • Clean look, decent performance.
  • 3d cap back design for more forgiveness.
  • Better ball speeds and longer carry distances.
  • Improved sound at impact.
  • Increased ball speed and forgiveness.
  • Great feel and strike.
  • Comes with 4 to 9 irons, with PW, AW, SW and LW.


  • LW iron unavailable for the left-hander.

Rogue ST MAX OS Lite Irons are one of the best for beginners and high handicappers to improve their game. The combination of high launch, optimized spin rates, tungsten weighting, and pure feel make these ones of the best Irons for beginners & high handicappers.

The Rogue ST MAX OS Lite irons A.I. Flash Face Cup delivers more ball speed and better ball speed consistency. The face also has A.I. Face Optimization for improved launch, spin, and control. This technology truly sets these irons apart from the competition and helps improve your game on the course.

These irons also have precision tungsten weighting, which provides improved launch and maximizes speed across the face. With up to 46g of high-density tungsten, it's a noticeable upgrade from previous models. 

The Rogue ST MAX OS Lite irons wider soles and enhanced offset to make them easy to hit and launch the ball high in the air. The Lite version of these irons features even more loft, lighter shafts, and lighter swing weights to help you easily get the ball airborne.

The pure feel is one of the best things about the Rogue ST MAX OS Lite irons. You'll enjoy the enhanced sound and a true sense of the clubhead making contact with the ball. These irons are also designed with a thicker topline than previous models, which helps to deliver a pure, solid feel at impact.


High launch & Optimized spin rate.

  • Great ball speed and is consistent.
  • Improve control.
  • Maximum speed across the face.
  • Great sound and feel.
  • Help to hit straight.
  • Easy to swing.
  • Wider sole and enhanced offset


  • Some players don't prefer increased offset, although it helps fight against slice shots.

The Titleist T400 irons are designed with every detail in mind, ensuring optimal performance for beginner and high-handicapper players.

 T400 irons launch the ball farther and higher while providing extreme forgiveness on off-centre hits.

The Super Thin L-Face technology in Titleist T400 irons helps launch the ball faster, while the lower edge wraps around the sole to maintain speed on lower hits.

The lower edge of the club face  maintain speed even when hitting lower on the face, and tungsten weighting in the heel and toe of the 5, 6, and 7 irons helps to lower the Centre of gravity for easy launch. 

The Titleist T400 iron's sole split helps in smooth turf interaction while maintaining performance benefits. Overall, these irons offer exceptional distance and forgiveness. 


  • Helps launch the ball faster.
  • Easy launch and lower centre of gravity.
  • Smooth turf interaction.
  • Optimal weight placement and high forgiveness.
  • Outstanding MOI for a straight and a long shot.
  • Specially help moderate swing player.
  • Help off-center hits.
  • Available in 5 to 9 irons with wedges loft  38°, 43°, 49° & 55°.


  • limit stopping power.

Cleveland's Launcher XL Halo Irons are among the best irons for beginners & high handicappers. They have a Large head design that is huge! This Large head means the MOI of 2,908 g-cm2 in the 7-Iron— the most ever in Cleveland Golf Hybrid-Iron. It's maximum distance with maximum fun. 

The L-head design also makes the Iron easy to hit the ball at a long distance on the golf course.

MainFrame variable face technology is used in Cleveland's Launcher XL increases ball speed while unique weight pad designs ensure maximum forgiveness across the face. The mainFrame also makes the Iron easy to use.

An 8g weight placed inside the end of the grip delivers better balance & more control for a beginner and high handicapper without extra effort.

Launcher XL stepped crown drops the centre of gravity for high-launching shots.


  • Helps achieve maximum distance.
  • Large head design is easy to use.
  • Increases ball speed.
  • Ensure maximum forgiveness across the face.
  • Delivers better balance for more control without extra effort.
  • Drops the centre of gravity for high-launching shots.
  • Available in 4 to 9 irons with PW, AW, GW & SW.


  • SW iron is unavailable for the left-hander.

The flexible design of Cobra LTDX irons, Best for beginners & high handicappers, allows incredible speed and power with every shot. 

The PWR-COR system of Cobra LTDX irons positions the center of gravity behind the hitting zone, transferring more energy to the ball for increased distance and launch.

 The PWR-COR system of Cobra LTDX irons allows the Face and sole to flex freely, resulting in greater forgiveness on off-center shots.

With its long and high-launching design, Cobra LTDX irons enable Beginners & High Handicappers to achieve distance on every shot. The PWR-COR system's large Face increases the zone of maximum ball speed for longer, more powerful shots.

The precision CNC milling on Cobra LTDX irons creates more accurate grooves and face curvature, optimizing spin and control for improved accuracy and stopping power into the green.


  • Powerful design for increased speed and distance
  • greater forgiveness on off-center shots.
  • Enhanced spin and control.
  • Steel core bar transfer more power to the ball.
  • 23% larger face cup than previous models.
  • Improved accuracy and stopping power.
  • Available in 4 to 9 irons with PW, GW & SW.
  • Available for both the left and right handers.


  • Lob wedge is unavailable.

The PING G425 irons are some of the best irons for beginners and high handicappers. They offer great forgiveness and stopping power while also looking sleek and stylish.

The perimeter weighting on the PING G425 irons is outstanding. The tungsten toe screw and hosel weight help to keep the head stable and from moving around too much, making it easier to hit your shots with precision. The resilient hydro-pearl chrome finish is excellent for repelling moisture to improve performance in wet conditions.

The Stopping Power on the PING G425 irons is amazing. The patented cascading sole and top-rail undercut combine to perform like a hinge, flexing to launch the ball faster and higher with green-holding precision consistently and predictably.

The Speed-Generating Face on the PING G425 irons is another excellent feature that helps you hit the ball faster and farther.

The Multi-Material Badge on the PING G425 irons produces great sound and feel. The three-piece, multi-material cavity badge dampens undesirable frequencies for superb feel and sound. This makes it easier to know where your shot will go when you make contact.


  • Forgiving.
  • Increase ball speed and higher launch
  • Higher MOI for an accurate and stable shot.
  • Sleek and stylish.
  • Great for wet conditions.
  • Speed-generating face
  • Available in 4 to 9 irons with wedges PW, AW, UW & SW
  • Available for both the left and right handers.


  • The sound of the clubs is different.

Srixon's ZX4 irons are some of the best irons for beginners and high handicappers. They offer great forgiveness, extra distance, and an exceptional feel.

The Mainframe of Srixon ZX4 irons helps to maximize COR for more ball speed and distance. It also provides a sleek, narrow look that is still forgiving. The progressive grooves add spin and stopping power on approach shots. 

The hollow design of Srixon ZX4 irons offers great forgiveness while maintaining a high launch. The hollow design helps to give you enough forgiveness to strike the ball across the face.

The multi-piece construction of the Srixon ZX4 helps to lower the center of gravity for a higher launch. The tungsten weighting also adds forgiveness. The Steel face of ZX4 enhances speed and distance and absorbs vibration for a softer feel.

The wide sole Srixon ZX4 helps easily hit the ball, while the clean address view lets you line up your shots. The progressive grooves on Srixon ZX4 provide more spin and stopping power on approach shots.

The Srixon ZX4 is an excellent option If you're looking for game-improvement irons.


  • Maximizes COR for more ball speed and distance
  • Sleek, narrow look that is still forgiving
  • Progressive grooves add spin and stopping power on approach shots
  • Offers great forgiveness while still maintaining a high launch
  • Lowers the center of gravity for a higher launch.
  • Tungsten weighting adds forgiveness.
  • Enhances speed and distance
  • Glides smoothly through the turf.
  • Help to add spin and stopping power on approach shots.
  • Available in 4 to 9 irons with wedges PW & AW.


  • AW wedge is unavailable for the left-hander.

Tour Edge Exotics E722 Irons are high-performance, ultra-premium iron set that delivers maximum distance and forgiveness.

Tour Edge utilizes state-of-the-art materials and VIBRCOR technology to create an incredibly forgiving, long-distance iron set. VIBRATOR technology inside E722 irons effectively dampens sound and shock while increasing ball speed and maximizing forgiveness.

Additionally, VIBRCOR technology provides the feel of a forged iron while generating faster ball speeds and increasing the size of the sweet spot.

The E722 irons come with a diamond-shaped design that helps to increase ball speed and create a larger, forgiving sweet spot. Additionally, the Diamond Face helps beginner golfers hit more consistent and accurate shots, even when striking the ball off-center. 

The extreme toe weighting in the E722 irons is strategically positioned on the high toe of the club head, which helps to increase forgiveness further and optimize ball speed.

This unique design also lengthens the sweet spot, allowing golfers of all skill levels to achieve maximum distance and accuracy with every shot.

The power lofted design of the E722 irons is precisely engineered to generate maximum distance while producing a high launch angle and low spin rate.

This combination makes the E722 ideal for beginner golfers or players with a high handicap, as it provides effortless power and accuracy on every shot.


  • Highly forgiving and long-distance irons.
  • Reduce vibration, dampen sound, and increase ball speed.
  • Maximize ball speed and create a larger sweet spot.
  • Delivers effortless power and accuracy on every shot.
  • Create maximum distance and forgiveness.
  • Helps to improve accuracy, even on off-center hits.
  • Available in 4 to 9 irons with wedges PW, AW, GW & SW.
  • Available for both the left and right handers.


  • Not suit players who prefer a lower trajectory.

Wilson Launch Pad irons help Beginners & High Handicappers to hit cleaner shots and get more distance out of every swing.

Launch Pad iron's generative designed sole helps keep the club head out of the grass and on the ball and is perfect for players of all skill levels who want to improve their game and hit more consistent shots every time.

The weight of the Launch Pad irons has been removed and mass lowered, which is easier to use and helps beginners and high handicappers generate more distance with each swing.

Chunking is one of the most common problems faced by golfers at all skill levels, and it refers to when the club strikes the ground before hitting the ball, resulting in poor shots and inconsistent performance.

With its generative designed sole and performance-enhancing features, Launch Pad irons specifically prevent chunking and improve consistency, helping Beginners and High Handicappers hit cleaner, more controlled shots and get more distance out of every swing.


  • Easy to use.
  • Ensuring consistent shots and better distance control.
  • Create more distance with less effort.
  • prevent chunking and improve consistency.
  • Long lasting irons
  • Helps create more distance with each swing.
  • Available in 5 to 9 irons with wedges PW & GW.


  • Sand wedge & lob wedge not available.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Irons is an excellent choice to add distance and accuracy. With fast ball speeds, high launch, and a new level of confidence, these irons help you improve your game and take it to the next level.

For the beginner or high handicapper, these top-of-the-line irons will perform, feel, and give you the confidence to play your best.

A key feature of the Callaway Big Bertha B21 Irons is its advanced A. I design. With this technology, these irons deliver fast ball speeds, high launch, and straighter shots that help improve your game and achieve your golfing goals.

The Big Bertha B21 Irons' legendary shaping helps improve turf interaction and gives greater confidence over the ball. With wider soles and offset, these irons are easier to launch the ball, reduce spin, and get more consistent and accurate shots.

Another key feature of the Callaway Big Bertha B21 Irons is easier to launch design that helps beginner or high handicappers achieve consistent, accurate shots with incredible speed and power.

A deeper center of gravity and custom tungsten weighting inside these irons provide optimal launch for increased distance and improved performance on the course.


  • Fast ball speeds.
  • High launch and straighter shots.
  • Improved turf interaction.
  • Easy launch for improved distance and performance.
  • Increased Control and accuracy.
  • Excellent choice for beginners and high handicappers.
  • Available in 4 to 9 irons with wedges PW, LW, AW, & SW.


  • Lobe wedge is unavailable for the left-hander.

Mizuno Golf JPX921 Irons delivers maximum speed and feel and is an excellent choice. The advanced Chromoly construction of JPX921 helps in fast ball speeds and unparalleled stability from off-center strikes.

The FORGED technology in the Mizuno JPX921 Irons provides maximum speed and stability, even on off-center strikes. Made from Chromoly 4120, this advanced forging material allows for a thinner club face, resulting in faster ball speeds and greater forgiveness.

The STABILITY FRAME feature of the JPX921 Irons provides additional support and weight distribution on off-center strikes.

With a wide back milled slot, this innovative design increased stability from even the most off-center shots, making it one of the best irons for beginners and high handicappers who need extra help with accuracy and consistency on the greens.

The JPX921 Irons have a sleeker, more compact shape that helps in improving alignment and accuracy.

The reduced offset of the JPX921 Irons helps reduce unwanted slices and hooks for more consistent, accurate shots. By moving the center of gravity towards the toe, this club also provides excellent stability on off-center strikes.


  • Increased speed and stability.
  • Improved alignment and accuracy.
  • Fast ball speeds and stability on off-center strikes.
  • Reduced offset to reduce slicing and hooking.
  • Improved alignment and accuracy.
  • Provides additional weight distribution and support on off-center strikes.
  • Available in 4 to 9 irons with wedges PW & GW.


  • LW & SW are not available for left-handers.


What are irons and how do they work?

Irons are one of the basic equipment types used in golf. They are typically metal clubs with thin, flat faces that help you hit the ball further and more accurately than other club types. Irons have numbered shafts that correspond to specific distances, with higher numbers corresponding to longer distances.

How do I choose irons that are right for me?

Choosing irons can be a bit daunting, as there are many different types and styles to choose from. When selecting irons, it is important to consider your skill level and the distances you typically hit the ball. Generally speaking, higher-numbered irons are better suited for beginners, as they produce longer shots.

How do I use irons effectively on the course?

Once you have selected the irons that are right for your skill level, it is important to practice regularly with them in order to improve your form and accuracy. To use irons effectively on the golf course, try focusing on a smooth swing motion that allows you to make consistent contact with the ball at impact. Additionally, be sure to pay close attention to where you place your feet.

How do irons differ from other types of golf clubs, such as woods or wedges?

While irons share many common features with other types of golf clubs, there are some key differences that make them unique. Compared to woods, irons have smaller clubheads and thinner shafts, which give them greater control over the ball. Additionally, irons typically have grooves on the clubface that help to impart spin onto the ball for more precision when making your shot. Finally, irons are generally separated into different categories based on their loft angles, with lower irons having less loft and higher irons having more loft.

How can beginners effectively use irons to improve their game? 

One key tip for using irons effectively is to take the time to practice and get comfortable with different types of irons before taking them out onto the course. This can include practicing with irons of various lofts, as well as trying irons that have greater or lesser amounts of forgiveness based on your skill level. Additionally, it is important to focus on your swing mechanics when using irons, making sure to use a smooth and controlled motion in order to maximize the distance and accuracy of your shots.

How do irons affect your shot distance?

Irons typically have a lower loft than other types of clubs, which means that they tend to fly further when hit. This makes them ideal for players who want to hit longer, more accurate shots on the course. However, irons also require a lot of practice and skill in order to achieve consistent results.

What are some common irons used in golf?

Some common irons that you may encounter when playing golf include the 3 iron, 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge. Each type of club has different properties and is designed for specific uses on the course. For example, a pitching wedge tends to have a higher loft and shorter shaft than other irons, making it ideal for long approach shots or chip shots around the green.


There you have it – my list of the best irons for beginners and high handicappers.

What Irons do you use?

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