7 Best mallet Putters 2023

Best mallet Putters

Best mallet putters are for golfers of all skill levels. They are designed with a bigger head than traditional putters and provide more stability when you hit the ball. This helps to increase accuracy, which is key in any game of golf. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the best Putters for beginners, along with my top 5 choices, so that you can pick the best.

Cobra KING 3D

Cobra Golf King 3D Printed

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, these best mallet putters can be used to help improve your overall putting performance. They offer improved accuracy and control, as well as help to reduce your number of missed putts. With these best mallet putters, golfers can take their game from the green to the tee box with improved performance and confidence.


No matter your skill level, the best mallet putters are an excellent choice for any golfer looking for a reliable way to improve their putting experience. From beginner golfers looking for more control or experienced players trying to lower their scores, the best mallet putters have something for everyone. With improved accuracy and control, the best mallet putters will help you get the best results possible when it comes to improving your putting game.


When choosing the best mallet putters, you should consider price  MOI, easy rollover, and forgiveness. Putter weight is important because it affects how far you can hit a ball. Lightweight clubs are best because they are easier to swing.

In this guild, we’ll compare:

  • The best putter to ensure successful strokes every time.
  • The best putter to hit an off-centre shot with confidence.
  • The one with high MOI for stable shots.
  • The best lightweight and easy to use.
  • The Putter that offers great forgiveness.
  • The best mallet putters should have good ergonomics and alignment features.

The KING 3D Printed Agera Putter is a perfect combination of high MOI, multi-material construction and SIK Face Technology - making it one of the best mallet putters for any golfer who wants improved accuracy and consistency on their putting strokes.

With its lightweight design, this putter also helps to reduce back pain for those who prefer a taller posture at the address. 

Its intricate 3D-printed nylon lattice cartridge, steel chassis, and 53 grams of tungsten weighting help exceptional stability on off-center putts

With its Descending Loft Technology (DLT), every stroke gives a consistent launch angle and trajectory to help you hit the best possible putts. This helps golfers improve their accuracy, distance control and overall consistency when putting.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, this mallet putter is sure to give you the best results on the golf course. 


  • High MOI for improved stability.
  • Lightweight and easy to swing.
  • Increased accuracy & consistency.
  • Helps in off-center hits.
  • Multi-material construction.
  • Oversize mallet shape provides more forgiveness.
  • 53 grams of tungsten weighting for Improved accuracy and consistency.
  • Available in 4°, 3°, 2° and 1° loft options for both left and right-handers.
  • Available in 34", 35" and 37.5" inches length options.


  • The price of the putter is higher than other putters on the list.

  • Not customizable in terms of weight.

The Callaway 2-Ball Eleven Triple Track putter is one of the best mallet putters available. Featuring an advanced multi-material design, forward CG position, and high MOI properties, this putter provides exceptional performance.  

This is one of the best for golfers looking for a great combination of forgiveness and alignment options. This putter help improves distance control and accuracy, as well as minimizing face rotation and arc. It's the perfect option for golfers looking to take their game to the next level.

Its white-hot insert delivers the sound and feels that golfers love, while its adjustable weights help customize the club head to suit the best golfer's stroke. With all these features, the Callaway 2-Ball Eleven Triple Track putter is an excellent choice for golfers looking to improve their putting game.

This putter design creates a smoother, more consistent stroke and ensures that golfers are lining up correctly for each shot. They're also lightweight and easy to use, making them great for beginners and experienced golfers.


  • Incredibly forgiving.
  • High MOI.
  • Improved stability consistency.
  • Incredibly lightweight.
  • Provides alignment and accuracy.
  • Adjustable weights.
  • Improved sound and feel.
  • Advanced multi-material design .
  • Forward CG position for tight dispersion and precision.
  • Lightweight and easy to use. 
  • Available in a 3° loft with 3 length options 33", 34" and 35" inches.


  • This putter is not available in the left-hand option.

  • It does not come with a headcover

TaylorMade's Spider GT Putter has become a go-to choice for many golfers because of its innovative design and superior performance


Boasting extreme perimeter weighting, an ultra-lightweight top plate, Pure Roll² face inserts, and a short slant hosel, this best mallet putter helps golfers not only improve their performance but also look good while doing so.


For golfers looking for the best mallet putters on the market, TaylorMade's Spider GT Putter offers unrivalled stability from every angle. 


The modern wing design of Spider GT features sharp angular features and extreme perimeter weighting for improved forgiveness and roll


The best mallet putter comes with Pure Roll² face inserts crafted from a firm TPU urethane material. This helps to produce consistent roll time after time while the short slant hosel generates 21° of toe hang-- best suited for players with moderate face rotation in their putting stroke. 


Ultimately, this best mallet putter is designed to help golfers take their putting game to new heights!


  • Provide stability and distance control
  • Stability and forgiveness on off-center strikes
  • Hosel generates 21° of toe hang
  • Ultra-lightweight premium look and increased durability

  • Short sightline for improved alignment
  • It improves topspin and creates a truer roll
  • Solid feel and premium look with an anodized aluminum finish.
  • Available for both left and right-handers
  • Available in a 3° loft with 3 length options 33", 34" and 35" inches.


  • No option for an adjustable loft.

The Cleveland Frontline Elevado Single Bend putter is a must-have for golfers who want to up their putting game. Its Tungsten Forward Weighting and Speed Optimized Face Technology provide superior stability and control for each swing. Its 2135 technology provides proper alignment regardless of the address position. It's ideal for those with a straight-back stroke type and gives you a truer roll to make all your putts count.


Frontline Elevador features an enlarged face area that allows more energy transfer from the club head to the ball so that distance control can be achieved effortlessly. Its precision milling process creates grooves on the face, which generates even contact between the ball and the putter. The Frontline Elevador putter also consists of a two-piece construction with an aluminium sole and stainless steel face.


Aside from its advanced technology, this putter design is elegant yet professional. Its stability and wings keep the ball on track throughout your swing for optimal accuracy. The best mallet putter also features a lightweight design for better speed and distance control during each stroke.


With its superior design, craftsmanship, and innovative engineering, it's no surprise that the Cleveland Frontline Elevado Single Bend best mallet putter is one of the top picks among golfers today. Its incomparable performance and precision make it one of the best mallet putters on the market today. 


  • Forgiving.

  • Improved stability and accuracy.

  • Easy for beginner golfers to swing.

  • Better alignment on putts.

  • Excellent balance and feel to help beginner golfers.

  • Available in 33", 34" and 35" inches length options.

  • Available for both left and right-hander.

  • Large face area allows more energy transfer from the club head to the ball.

  • Lightweight design provides better speed and distance control during each stroke.


  • Available in only a 3° loft.

  • Medium MOI.

The Tour Edge Exotics 701 max putter is a unique blend of design and technology. This putter has all the features you need to become an excellent golfer, no matter your experience level.


The Tour Edge Exotics 701 max putter features a deep face design that provides maximum forgiveness and unparalleled accuracy. It has an oversized mallet head with a higher MOI, which helps to stabilize the clubhead even on off-center hits. The high-density carbon sole plate also reduces vibration at impact, allowing you to have a consistent feel throughout your stroke.


The Tour Edge Exotics 701 max putter also includes two interchangeable weights that can be adjusted on either side of the club head for the best performance. These weights allow you to choose between having a heavier or lighter pull through the ball, depending on what best suits your swing style and putting technique.


The Tour Edge Exotics 701 max putter also comes with a new Lock-On alignment technology to optimize your putting performance. The Micro-Groove Face Technology enhances the spin on the golf ball, so it rolls out smoother and faster towards the hole. This unique feature allows you to easily frame your target line and ball placement with its bright contrast lines, helping your aim is more accurate than ever before.


In addition to all these features, this Exotics 701 max putter provides an ergonomic design for comfort and an improved feel while playing. It has a premium Lamkin R.E.L 3Gen grip, which helps to reduce wrist movement during your stroke and provides better control overall. To top it off, this model also comes with a stylish headcover to keep your putter looking new.


With its oversized mallet head, deep face design and Lock-On Alignment Technology, the Tour Edge Exotics 701 max putter is one of the best for golfers who want to improve their putting accuracy and consistency. It also provides a great feel on impact with its carbon sole plate and Micro-Groove Face Technology.


  • Large club head for more stability and accuracy.
  • Lock On Alignment Technology helps you aim better.
  • Provide a softer and more consistent feel.
  • Available in 33", 34" and 35" inches length options.
  • Deep face design for maximum forgiveness and accuracy

  • High MOI for stability on off-center hits.

  • Interchangeable weights for best performance.

  • Lock-On Alignment Technology to frame target line.

  • Micro-Groove Face Technology for better spin.

  • Premium Lamkin R.E.L 3Gen grip for comfort and control.


  • Available in only a 3° loft.

  • Not available for the left-hander.

  • Weight kit is not included with the purchase of a Wingman putter and must be purchased separately.

PXG's Battle Ready Blackjack Putter is one of the best mallet models available on the market today, offering a combination of performance and style that will take any golfer's game to the next level.


The Battle Ready Blackjack Putter features 100% milled construction from aerospace-grade aluminium and high-density tungsten, giving it exceptional stability and forgiveness with every stroke. Its bold line and arrow-like geometry help with proper alignment when setting up for a putt, giving you confidence that your ball will end up exactly where it should. 


The exterior of the mallet also includes PXG's iconic Darkness symbol - a skull with the number 26 - which is a nod to PXG Founder & CEO Bob Parsons' nickname and service in the 26th Marine Corps Regiment in combat during the Vietnam War.


The mallet has four adjustable sole weights that can fine-tune its balance, and its Pyramid Face Pattern provides maximum performance. Based on feedback from tour players and extensive R&D testing, the groove depth was adjusted to optimize feel and initial ball velocity across the face. This helps consistency when putting - something that all golfers strive for.


The Battle Ready Blackjack Putter also comes with three hosel options: a plumber's neck, double-bend, and heel shafted. Each option offers different benefits depending on your game. The Plumber's Neck hosel best suits players with mild face rotation and can work for straight and curved stroke types.

The Double-Bend hosel orients the shaft axis through the CG to create a face-balanced hang angle, which reduces the inertial force required to rotate the putter face - perfect for players who tend to push the ball. Finally, the Heel Shafted hosel orients the shaft axis far into the heel side of the putter to create significant toe hang, which increases the inertial force required to rotate the putter face - best for players who tend to over-rotate the clubhead at impact.


The PXG Battle Ready Blackjack Putter is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their putting game. Its superior construction, adjustable sole weights and hosel options offer great performance that will help you sink more putts with confidence.


  • Superior stability and forgiveness
  • Bold line and arrow-like geometry for proper alignment
  • Pyramid Face Pattern for maximum performance
  • Three hosel options (Plumber’s Neck, Double Bend, Heel Shafted) to best suit individual games
  • Provide consistent roll and impact.

  • Adjustable sole weights to fine-tune the balance

  • High MOI helps in off-center shots.

  • Very forgiving and stable on the green.

  • Great sound and feel

  • Available in 3°and 7° loft options for both left and right-handers.

  • Available in 33", 34" and 35" inches length options.


  • Not suitable for advanced players who prefer a lighter putter.

The best mallet putters offer precision and accuracy on the green that helps golfers improve their putting game. PING’s PLD Milled Prime Tyne 4 Putter is one of the best mallet putters on the market. 

It is forged from 303 stainless steel for an incredible feel and responsiveness, creating a smoothconsistent roll with great accuracy each time it is used.

This putter also features a deep Aggressive Milling Pattern (AMP) face, which helps in consistent roll and greater accuracy. Its short slant hosel has low to medium toe hang, best fit for golfers with a slight arc putting stroke, making it suitable for a wide variety of golfers regardless of skill level or experience.

The head is mallet-style and is weighted at 360 grams for better feel. Additionally, it has a 20° lie and 3° loft for optimized performance in various situations.

The PING PLD Milled Prime Tyne 4 Putter also comes with the PING PP58 Midsize grip to ensure you have the best traction and control when making your shots.

The putter also includes a headcover to protect the club from damage while not in use. This makes it very convenient to transport or store this club so that you can always be ready for your next round of golf.

PING PLD Milled Prime Tyne 4 Putter is a great combination of feel, accuracy, and control that can help you refine your putting game and take your golf game to the next level.


  • Incredible feel and responsiveness.
  • Consistent performance and pure roll.

  • Short slant hosel best fit for golfers with a slight arc putting stroke.

  • 20° lie and 3° loft offer optimized performance in various situations.

  • High MOI for improved stability and accuracy. 
  • Perimeter weighting for increased forgiveness. 
  • Offer better spin control. 
  • Promotes strong arc stroke rotation.
  • Includes head cover to protect the club when not in use.
  • Available in a 3° loft option for both left and right-handers.
  • Available in 33", 34", 35" and 36" inches length options.


  • Heavy weight may not be ideal for golfers with slower swing speeds 


What makes a great mallet putter?

A great mallet putter should be well-balanced, lightweight and easy to use. Look out for mallet putters with adjustable shaft lengths, which allow you to fine-tune the size of your club for better accuracy and control. The best ones will also feature several alignment lines or dots on the head, making it easier to aim accurately and consistently during your stroke.

Which mallet putter should I buy?

The best mallet putter for you will depend on your playing style and preferences. For golfers who prefer an upright stroke, a perimeter-weighted mallet putter with soft inserts would be ideal. If you prefer a more straight-back and straight-through putting stroke, then a face-balanced model might suit you best. The best way to choose is by taking different models out for a test drive on the course – that way, you can see what works best for you.

What else should I consider when buying a mallet putter?

Grips are an important factor to consider when buying a mallet putter. Look for ones that fit comfortably in your hands and don’t slip during the stroke. Shaft length is also important – if you’re looking for more control, go for a shorter shaft length; if you want more power, opt for a longer one. It depends on personal preference, so try out different models before making your choice.

Why should I choose a mallet putter over other types?

Mallet putters offer great stability and accuracy, making them ideal for beginners or those still developing their putting skills. They also provide several alignment features that help with accuracy and consistency so that you can aim for the best result every time. Finally, mallet putters are generally more forgiving than other types, meaning mistakes are less likely to be magnified or costly.

Are mallet putters worth the money?

Absolutely! The mallet putters are designed with advanced technology and materials that help you get more consistent contact and accuracy for your short game. The best mallet putters provide a better feel and control of your putting stroke and also help you gain confidence when lining up those important birdies or par putts.

What feature makes mallet putters the best in the market?

The mallet putters are designed to be as forgiving as possible while giving players an incredibly accurate roll off their putter face. Most manufacturers use urethane inserts inside the head of these putters, providing maximum feel and forgiveness when struck. The best mallet putters will also have an alignment aid on the head, allowing you to set up perfectly to your target line every time.

Who uses the mallet putters?

Golfers of all skill levels can benefit from using mallet putters. From high handicappers just learning the game to professional tour players looking for that extra bit of accuracy, mallet putters are designed to help any golfer improve their putting stroke.

How can mallet putters help golfers improve their putting?

The best mallet putters give golfers a more consistent roll off their faces when striking the ball. This means they can be certain that their ball is rolling on their intended line, even if it has a slight mis-hit. The best mallet putters are also designed to provide maximum forgiveness, allowing the ball to roll on your target line even when struck slightly off-center.

Are mallet putters best for beginners?

Yes! Best mallet putters are designed to be as forgiving and easy to use as possible, making them perfect for beginner golfers. With features like alignment aids and urethane inserts, the best mallet putters help beginner golfers get their ball started on the correct line, improving accuracy and confidence in their putting strokes.


There you have it – my list of the best mallet putterfor 

Let us know which putter you use.

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