7 Proven Best putters for beginners 2023

Best Putters For Beginners

Choosing the Best putters for beginners is vital to putt accurately on the green. The best putters can help you achieve your goals from easy rollover to more accuracy and control distances. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the best Putters for beginners, along with my top 5 choices, so that you can pick the best.

TaylorMade Spider GT

TaylorMade Spider GT Best Putters For Beginners

If you’re a  beginner, you know that finding the best Putters can make all the difference in your game. With so many options on the market, it can be tough to know where to start. But if you’re looking for a Putter that offers distance, forgiveness, control distance and stability, then this article will ease the process so you can choose confidently.


When choosing the best Putters for beginners, you should consider price  MOI, easy rollover, and forgiveness. Putter weight is important for beginners because it affects how far you can hit a ball. Lightweight clubs are best because they are easier to swing.

In this guild, we’ll compare:

  • The best putter to ensure successful strokes every time.
  • The best putter to hit an off-centre shot with confidence.
  • The one with high MOI for stable shots.
  • The best lightweight and easy to use.
  • The Putter that offers great forgiveness.
  • The best putters for beginners should have good ergonomics and alignment features.

When I first looked at the Tailormade Spider GT putter, its sleek and modern design instantly caught my attention.

For beginners, the forgiveness of a putter is extremely important. The TailorMade Spider GT's extreme perimeter weighting helps to reduce off-center strikes, which can be particularly common among newcomers to the game.

I was pleased with the forgiveness and stability of the TaylorMade Spider GT putter. The two steel side wings pushed 82% of the putter's total weight to the perimeter, making it extremely stable on off-center strikes.

Its contemporary wing design, sharp angular features and lightweight top plate are crafted from anodized aluminium for a premium look and increased durability.

This putter has TailorMade latest evaluation, Pure Roll², which helps beginners control their shots more effectively and reduce unwanted skids or bounces when putting.

TaylorMade Spider GT's modern face rotation promotes a consistent putting stroke which helps beginners to build confidence in their game and improve their accuracy.

I am very impressed with the Steel Side Weight Construction of the TaylorMade Spider GT putter. It is designed to create a heavy frame for stability and distance control. At the same time, only 18% of the weight is centred in the middle to stabilize deflection on off-centre strikes, making this putter one of the best putters for beginners who are likely to have more off-centre strikes.

This feature helps to increase forgiveness, giving beginners the confidence they need to improve their game.

The TaylorMade Spider GT putter is designed with a short slant hosel that generates 21° of toe hang, providing golfers with moderate face rotation for greater accuracy in their putting strokes.

This putter will provide beginners with an easy-to-use, forgiving and stable option that can help them to establish consistency in their putting stroke.


  • Provide stability and distance control

  • Stability and forgiveness on off-center strikes

  • Hosel generates 21° of toe hang

  • Short sightline for improved alignment

  • Improves topspin and creates a truer roll

  • Lightweight for better control during stroke

  • Solid feel and premium look with an anodized aluminum finish.

  • Available for both left and right-handers

  • Available in a 3° loft with 3 length options 33", 34" and 35" inches.


  • No option for adjustable loft .
  • 6h & 7h hybrid options are not available for left-handers.

When I first held the Callaway 2-Ball Eleven Triple Track Putter in my hand, I instantly felt confident. The weight was perfectly balanced and the multi-material design gave me a great tactile feel for the ball.

As soon as I started putting with it, I could tell that this putter had what it took to help improve my game. I felt more control over my shots and could tell I was getting more consistent results.

The Callaway 2-Ball Eleven Triple Track Putter is incredibly forgiving. The adjustable weights allow for personalized swing weight and the multi-material design ensures that you have a great feel for the ball while providing excellent stability and consistency in your stroke.

This putter offers incredibly forgiving and amazing features to help beginner golfers improve their game, such as adjustable weights, multi-material design, and Triple Track technology.

With these features in place, new golfers can expect improved stability and consistency in their stroke, tighter downrange dispersion, and improved aim and accuracy with the multiple alignments aids available.

The Triple Track technology is what sets this putter apart from others. The three different alignment lines provide a great visual reference to help you line up your shots and ensure they stay on track throughout the entire swing.

The triple Track feature makes it much easier for beginners to start getting consistent results, as it helps them focus on their aim and accuracy.

The multi-material design helps new golfers improve their game by providing a great feel for the ball while still giving them excellent stability and consistency.

By being able to adjust the weights, beginners can ensure that they are getting a much tighter downrange dispersion which will result in more accurate shots.

The Callaway 2-Ball Eleven Triple Track Putter is lightweight and perfect for beginner golfers. The lightweight gives new golfers the ability to get more control over their strokes and helps them build better accuracy.

Overall, the Callaway 2-Ball Eleven Triple Track Putter is an amazing best putters for beginners looking to improve their game. This putter offers beginner golfers a great way to get consistent results on the green.


  • Incredibly forgiving.

  • Improved stability consistency.

  • Incredibly lightweight.

  • Provides alignment and accuracy.

  • Adjustable weights.

  • Improved sound and feel.

  • Available in a 3° loft with 3 length options 33", 34" and 35" inches.


  • This putter is not available in the left-hand option.

The KING 3D Printed Agera putter stands apart from other putters in the market due to its unique multi-material construction, optimal weight distribution, and high Moment of Inertia (MOI). This combination of features allows for a more stable and forgiving putt, making it one of the best putters for beginners.

The KING 3D Printed Agera is unique because it combines the most stable and forgiving putter in the 3D Printed family with SIK Face Technology for maximum accuracy.

The KING 3D Printed Agera putter offers a level of forgiveness that is especially beneficial for beginning golfers.

The KING 3D Printed Agera Putter features an oversize mallet shape which helps to provide more forgiveness for the beginner golfer.

The oversize mallet design increases the Moment of Inertia, creating a more stable putt that is less affected by off-center swings or club head twists.

This allows for straighter, more consistent putts, even for beginners with less developed putting skills.

The KING 3D Printed Agera putter's increased MOI helps beginner golfers by providing more stability on off-centre shots and a consistent launch angle for every stroke.

This ensures that even novice players can easily get their ball in the hole from any distance. The SIK Face Technology also adds an extra level of accuracy and consistency to every putt.

To conclude, the KING 3D Printed Agera is one of the best putters for beginners golfer. It provides a forgiving and stable design that helps beginners make straighter, more consistent putts with every stroke.


  • High MOI for improved stability

  • Lightweight and easy to swing

  • Features SIK Face Technology for increased accuracy

  • Oversize mallet shape provides more forgiveness

  • Increased consistency.

  • Helps in off-center hits.

  • Available in 4°, 3°, 2° and 1° loft options for both left and right-handers.

  • Available in 34", 35" and 37.5" inches length options.


  • The price of the putter is higher than other putters on the list.

  • Not customizable in terms of weight.

When I first held the Cleveland Frontline Elevado Single Bend Putter in my hand, I could feel the quality immediately. The Tungsten Forward Weighting gave me a nice balanced feeling, allowing me to make a smooth stroke through impact.

The Frontline Elevado is a very forgiving putter. Cleveland Frontline comes with Speed Optimized Face Technology that helps beginners by normalizing ball speed across the face.

This Face Technology ensures that you will get consistent distance performance no matter where you strike the ball on the putter. This is great for beginner golfers as it takes away some guesswork and allows them to focus on their stroke technique instead.

The Cleveland Frontline Elevado Single Bend Putter also features 2135 Technology that helps beginner golfers achieve better alignment on their putts.

The unique milled lines located in the back cavity of the putter help to promote square setup, allowing for more accurate and consistent putts.

The Forward Weights of the Cleveland Frontline Elevado Single Bend Putter are also beneficial for beginner golfers.

With Tungsten Forward Weighting, the center of gravity is positioned closer to the face, which helps stabilize the putter through impact resulting in straighter putts. This makes it easier for beginners to achieve greater accuracy and consistency on their putts.

In conclusion, the Cleveland Frontline Elevado is among the best putters for beginners. It provides great stability and accuracy.


  • Forgiving.

  • Improved stability and accuracy.

  • Easy for beginner golfers to swing.

  • Better alignment on putts.

  • Excellent balance and feel to help beginner golfers.

  • Available in 33", 34" and 35" inches length options.

  • Available for both left and right-hander.


  • Available in only a 3° loft.

  • Medium MOI.

When I first held the Tour Edge Exotics 701 max putter, I was amazed at the incredible feel. The size and weight of the club felt just right for a beginner golfer and had a great balance in my hands.

The Tour Edge Exotics 701 max putter is incredibly forgiving. It has a large club head and an extended carbon sole plate that makes it stable at impact, allowing you to hit the ball more accurately.

The perimeter weighting technology of Exotics 701 redistributes the weight to the sides and back of the club head, boosting its MOI and providing a much more consistent strike regardless of where you hit the ball on the face.

The Lock-On Alignment Technology also helps beginners get their aim right by creating a larger alignment line that frames the ball better.

The perimeter weighting and high MOI of the Tour Edge Exotics 701 max putter help to create fewer twists and more stability on off-center hits. This can help beginners hit straight shots even if their swing is inconsistent.

Tour Edge Exotics 701 allows interchangeable weights on the club's sole, which benefits beginner golfers. You can add or subtract weight to the heel and toe to get your preferred feel, making it easier for you to make consistent, accurate strokes.

Overall, the Tour Edge Exotics 701 max putter is an amazing choice for beginner golfers. It has a great feel, improved alignment aid, and a high MOI design that helps to keep your strokes straight and accurate.


  • Large club head for more stability and accuracy.
  • Lock On Alignment Technology helps you aim better.
  • High MOI design provides less twist and more stability on off-center hits.
  • Interchangeable weights on the sole.
  • Provide a softer and more consistent feel
  • Available in 33", 34" and 35" inches length options.


  • Available in only a 3° loft.

  • Not available for the left-hander.

  • Weight kit is not included with the purchase of a Wingman putter and must be purchased separately.

When I first held the PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack Putter, I was amazed at how well it had been designed.

The milled bi-material construction of the aerospace-grade aluminum body and high-density tungsten wings gave it an incredibly solid feel in my hand, providing confidence that it would help me improve my putting game.

The Precision Weighting Technology used in the PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack Putter makes it particularly well-suited for beginners who want to improve their putting.

The two tungsten sole weights can be adjusted depending on the hosel, allowing you to fine-tune the overall clubhead weight and launch conditions.

This Weighting Technology helps to ensure a consistent roll and impact, even when the face is not perfectly square.

Additionally, the outer wings, golf-ball-width cavity, and high-contrast center stripe make alignment easier for new players.

The PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack Putter is a great choice for beginners looking to upgrade their putter.

The outer wings, golf-ball-width cavity, and high contrast center stripe helped with alignment, while the adjustable sole weights allowed beginners golfer to fine-tune balance.

It has all the features of a high-performance club while being very forgiving, easy to align and stable on the green. Its sleek design will look great in your bag and give you confidence when standing over those crucial shots.


  • Provide consistent roll and impact.

  • 2 Adjustable sole weights to fine-tune the balance

  • High contrast center stripe for easy alignment.

  • High MOI helps in off-center shots.

  • Very forgiving and stable on the green.

  • Great sound and feel

  • Available in 3°and 7° loft options for both left and right-handers.

  • Available in 33", 34" and 35" inches length options.


  • Not suitable for advanced players who prefer a lighter putter.

The Mizuno Mizuno M.Craft Type VI putter is a simple yet effective design that can help all levels of golfers improve their putting game.

When I first held the Mizuno M.Craft Type VI putter in my hand, it was immediately noticeable how well-balanced and solid it felt. The 1025 mild carbon steel construction is surprisingly light yet still very sturdy, which provides plenty of feedback without feeling too heavy or clunky.

The Mizuno M.Craft Type VI putter is a forgiving club that caters to beginner golfers. It is designed with a wide, shallow face which helps to promote straighter and more accurate puts for new golfers.

The deep face milling also provides some forgiveness on off-center shots, helping beginners maintain better accuracy even if they don't hit the ball in the sweet spot.

Forgiveness is also provided by the additional weighted kit, allowing users to adjust the putter to fit a variety of conditions.

The milled face of Mizuno M.Craft helps to ensure a consistent roll, which is particularly beneficial for beginner golfers.

The precision milling also ensures that the ball will make contact with the putter in the same way, every time, giving beginning golfers more consistency and accuracy on the green.

The Mizuno M.Craft Type VI putter is surprisingly stable, thanks to its weighty 355-gram head. This promotes a fluid, rhythmical putting stroke, ideal for beginner golfers, as it helps them develop the correct technique to make accurate shots each time.

All in all, I'm impressed with the Mizuno M.Craft Type VI putter. It is a forgiving club that caters to beginner golfers and provides plenty of stability and feedback, which is necessary for improving your putting game.


  • Larger head.
  • Help fight slice shot.
  • Deliver fast ball speeds.
  • Promote a straighter ball flight.
  • Optimize launch and stability.
  • Help in a missed hit.
  • Ultra-Thing face.
  • Available in 3h to 8h hybrid options.
  • Available in 19°, 21°, 24° 27°, 30° & 33° loft options.


  • No adjustable hosel.
  • 8h option is not available for the left-hander.


There you have it – my list of the best putters for beginners

Let us know which putter you use.


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