Center Shafted Putters: 7 Best & Expert Review

Center Shafted Putters: 7 Best & Expert Review

When it comes to putting, center shafted putters can be a great help. 

They are designed to provide more control and accuracy while giving players the confidence they need on the green.

These putters have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their unique design that features a shaft which runs down the center of the club head. 

This design provides better balance and helps keep your wrists from dipping during the stroke.

In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 7 best Center Shafted Putters, along with my top 5 choices, so that you can pick the best.


White Hot Versa Twelve CS

White Hot Versa Twelve CS


The advantage of using center shafted putters is that they offer better balance because center shaft keeps your arms in a more natural position during the stroke as it prevents your wrists from dipping. 

This helps to promote a smoother putting stroke with less effort and energy expended.

Another good thing about center shafted putters is that they can be customized to fit different hand sizes and swing styles. 

The shape and length of the shaft can be adjusted to match the individual golfer’s needs.

Many professional golfers have adopted center shafted putters due to the benefits they provide. Players such as Payne Stewart used a center shaft putter in 1999 in US Open and won, Zach Johnson won multiple majors and Adam Scott won the 2013 master by using Scotty Cameron’s center shaft putter.


The White Hot Versa Twelve CS Putter is a center shafted mallet designed putter. This putter is an industry leader in center shafted putters.

The Versa alignment system is one of the features that sets this putter apart. The black and white high contrast design makes it easy to line up every shot and ensures your eyes are focused on the proper face angle from address to impact.

The White Hot insert also gives the putter an exceptional feel and sound. It's comfortable in my hands and I can sense how well it connects with the ball when I hit it.

The Stroke Lab shaft is also a great feature that really helps with consistency. It's lightweight and stiff, which makes it easier to control my stroke and ensure I'm getting consistent results every time.

Undoubtedly, the Twelve CS Putter is suitable for golfers of all skill levels. It's good for low handicap players looking to improve their consistency on the course as well as high handicap players just starting on the course.

As a player, the White Hot Versa Twelve CS Putter has proven to be an excellent addition to any golf game. For improving alignment and increasing consistency in putting strokes, it has been a fantastic tool.


  • Alignment System for easy setup and accuracy
  • Provides great feel, sound and performance
  • The Stroke Lab shaft helps with consistency
  • Suitable for golfers of all levels


  • It may take some time to get used to.

The Bettinardi INOVAI 6.0 Center Shaft putter is a great addition to the popular INOVAI series, designed by renowned Tour player and golf instructor Sam Bettinardi.

With two years of Tour feedback, this redesigned 5% smaller head from heel to toe offers a sleek, more compact design for enhanced performance and accuracy.it features an all-new Stealth Black anodized finish for a fresh look on the green.

The main feature that drew me to this putter was the Roll Control face. Designed from direct Tour feedback, Bettinardi's Roll Control face boasts an asymmetrical design groove profile that creates more topspin at impact and helps get the ball into a true roll faster with each putt. This is obviously something I wanted to try out for myself!

The INOVAI 6.0 also features a 303 Stainless Steel front piece which offers a great feel most requested by PGA Tour players and the 6061 Military Grade Aluminum body allows Bettinardi's engineers to displace weight out towards the back for an incredibly high MOI reading.

Another thing I really liked about this putter is that it comes with a carbon fiber Stealth Black mallet headcover, as well as a custom Lamkin Sink Fit putter grip. This is great because I can rest assured knowing the head will be well protected during those long rounds on the course and the grip will help promote proper wrist alignment for a more controlled and consistent putting stroke.

Overall, after testing the INOVAI 6.0 for a few rounds I can say with confidence that it does an amazing job of helping me improve my game. The Roll Control face helps get the ball rolling on target more quickly, and the Military Grade Aluminum body offers incredible balance and steadiness throughout my swings. The 303 Stainless Steel front piece also provides a great feeling when I need it most.


  • Improved accuracy.
  • Excellent feel.
  • Incredible balance.
  • Improved distance control.
  • Lamkin sink fit grip.


  • Anodized finish can be a bit too flashy for some golfers.

When it comes to putting, there's nothing more important than having a putter that feels comfortable and gives you confidence. TaylorMade SPIDER GT CENTER SHAFT ultra lightweight and innovative putter design with extreme perimeter weighting provide optimal forgiveness and consistent roll.

The Spider GT features an anodized aluminum top plate for enhanced durability and a modern wing design. The Pure Roll² insert is made from a firm TPU urethane material and contains silver aluminum bars angled at 45° to produce a consistent roll time after time.

One of the main advantages of the Spider GT is its face balanced design. This is great for golfers with a straight back and straight through putting motion as it helps to improve alignment and create a repeatable address position.

The steel side of 90g per weight for 180g also helps create a heavy frame for stability and distance control. This ensures that even off center strikes are well forgiven as only 18% of the weight is centered in the middle.

One of my favourite features of the Spider GT is the short sightline that aids in alignment. The lightweight 6061 aluminium top plate eliminates excess weight in the middle of the putter, allowing for a more stable stroke.



  • Lightweight.
  • Promotes consistent roll.
  • Improved alignment.
  • Provide maximum forgiveness.
  • Encourages a repeatable address position.
  • Provide stability and distance control.


  • Not suitable for golfers with an arcing putting stroke.

The Huntington Beach Soft is a center shafted, face balanced mallet design putter with soft stainless steel construction. It promises improved speed and distance control to help you sink more putts - something I can definitely appreciate.

With Cleveland's Speed Optimized Face Technology normalizing ball speed across the entire face, even off center putts can be consistent.

The diamond CNC milling pattern increases friction for a pure roll and soft feel at impact. And with the soft 304 stainless steel construction, you have the perfect balance of softness and feedback.

Since I started using this putter, I have seen a definite improvement in my game. I'm able to make more consistent putts and get the distance control I need to sink them.

The feel at contact is also superior to any other putter I've used before, providing just the right amount of feedback without being overly distracting or too hard on my hands. Plus, with its sleek design and stylish look, I'm proud to show it off on the golf course.


  • Precision milled face
  • Increases friction for a pure roll
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Provides a soft feel
  • Ensures consistent speed control and distance performance


  • Heavier weight may feel counterintuitive

The Exotics Wingman 706 Putter is a modern marvel in golf club design that provides the perfect combination of alignment, ball control, feel and performance.

The Wingman 706 is designed with an alignment oriented Face-Balanced hosel that is ideal for players who keep their eyes directly above the ball and take a straight back, straight through putting stroke.

Furthermore, its Lock-On Alignment Technology allows for easy setup at the address and provides visual confirmation of the alignment.

The Wingman 706 features an innovative Hollow Carbon Sole Plate that increases MOI while providing excellent sound, feel, and distance control.

In addition, it has two interchangeable sole weights that allow players to customize the club to their preferred swing weight and ball flight.

The Micro Groove Face Technology features a softer durometer thermoplastic TPU insert face for a greatly improved feel. This leads to an extremely soft feel upon impact and helps roll the ball more consistently off the putter's face. The precision moulded horizontal Micro Grooves improve forward roll and reduce skidding off the face.

Finally, this putter is equipped with a new Lamkin Jumbo Sink Fit Pistol grip which features a distinctive contoured shape and exclusive Fingerprint Technology. It encourages lighter grip pressure and smoother putting stroke for better accuracy on long putts.


  • High MOI.
  • Lock On Alignment Technology.
  • Interchangeable Sole Weights.
  • Lamkin Jumbo Sink Fit Pistol Grip.
  • Helps roll the ball more consistently.
  • Excellent sound, feel, and distance control.


  • May be too heavy for some golfers

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X 6 STR  offers golfers exceptional precision combined with performance and style.

With a sleek and modern design, this putter features an innovative straight shaft technology that reduces face rotation for increased accuracy and control on the course. 

The triple-milled sight dots and brightly colored sight lines in the stepped down flange provide players with essential alignment guides for a consistent and reliable putting stroke. Crafted from solid aircraft-gradealuminum, the milled face of the  Phantom  X 6  STR ensures a  soft yet responsive feel.

The Phantom X 6 STR is also equipped with Scotty Cameron's innovative Pistolero Plus grip, providing perfect balance and stability for every putter stroke.

The combination of the straight shaft, the face balanced setup and the  Pistolero  Plus grip provides golfers with an intuitive,  consistent,  and repeatable feel.

The Phantom X 6 STR is designed to minimize heel-toe rotation through the stroke, making it an ideal choice for players with a straight putting stroke.

The unique design of the  Phantom  X  6  STR  ensures a  smooth,  consistent,  and repeatable motion that can improve your performance on the greens.


  • Enhanced soft feel.
  • Three shaft bend options.
  • Face balanced setup with zero offset.
  • Optimal weight distribution, forgiveness and feel.
  • Provide essential alignment.
  • Reduces face rotation for greater accuracy.
  • Pistolero plus grip provides perfect balance and stability.


  • May be too light for some golfers.
  • Not suitable for players with an arcing putting stroke.

The PING DS72 C Putter is center shafted putter that offers players a unique combination of precision and performance.

It features tungsten toe heel weights for added stability and accuracy, a shallow milled face for greater control on shots of all distances and a color blocked head with a platinum topline and black cavity that draws the eye forward.

This putter features high MOI blades and multi material mallets that provide the proper balance of feel and forgiveness in a confidence inspiring look.

Additionally, its firm milled face and soft feeling inserts offer a variety of feel preferences making it excellent for players who prefer different levels of control and consistency.

The PING 2023 DS72 C Putter is designed with single alignment cues to help players adjust their putts for accuracy. Its eye pleasing color blocking offers an added layer of confidence enabling players to make shots with greater precision.

Additionally, the golf club’s low center of gravity and tungsten toe-heel weights keep it stable even on long putts.

Players who are looking for an excellent all-around putter should definitely consider the PING 2023 DS72 C Putter. Its combination of accuracy, stability and feel make it a great choice for players who want to improve their game.

Its single alignment cues and eye-pleasing color blocking offer outstanding precision on the green. Additionally, its low center of gravity and tungsten toe-heel weights provide improved stability to help players make more consistent shots.


  • Single alignment cues.
  • Soft feeling inserts.
  • Eye pleasing color blocking.
  • Improved accuracy and stability.
  • Low center of gravity and tungsten toe-heel weights.


  • Shallow milled face can be too firm for some


What are the benefits of using center shafted putters?

Center shafted putters are designed to offer more stability and accuracy on the greens. They have a low center of gravity and provide greater control over your putting stroke, allowing you to make better contact with the ball. This type of putter also helps with alignment as the shaft is in line with the sweet spot of the putter head and makes it easier to aim accurately.

Are there any drawbacks of using center shafted putters?

Some golfers find that using a center shafted putter can feel uncomfortable at first, since your hands are not directly over the top of the shaft. It also requires some time to get used to proper swing techniques when using this type of putter.

What types of golfers should use center shafted putters?

Center shafted putters are ideal for golfers who want greater stability and accuracy on their putting stroke, as well as those who have difficulty with alignment.

Are there any special considerations when using a center shafted putter?

When using this type of putter, it's important to make sure the shaft is aligned properly with the sweet spot of the putter head to ensure you get maximum accuracy and control on your shots. You should also adjust your stance in order to account for the offset nature of the clubhead.

What are some tips for finding the right center shafted putter?

It's important to find a putter that fits your size and preferences. Make sure you have your putting stroke analyzed by a professional so they can recommend a model that best suits your needs. Additionally, it's a good idea to try out different putters at the driving range before you purchase one.

Is there anything else I should know about center shafted putters?

Center shafted putters can offer improved accuracy and control on the greens, but they do require some practice and adjustment in order to get the most benefit from them. Make sure you take your time when selecting the right model for you and don't be afraid to ask for help if needed. Good luck and happy putting!

What is the difference between center shaft putter and the heel shafted putter?

The main difference between a center shafted putter and a heel shafted putter is the position of the shaft relative to the head. With a heel shafted putter, the shaft exits from either side of the head, while on center shafted ones, it runs through the middle of the head. Heel-shafted putters tend to be more forgiving and make alignment easier, while center-shafted ones offer increased stability and accuracy. Both can provide great results if used properly. Ultimately, it's important to choose whichever style you feel most comfortable with when putting.

What are counterbalanced putters?

Counterbalanced putters are designed with extra weight in the head or grip of the club to help you keep better control of your stroke. This additional weight helps to shift the center of gravity lower, which can lead to more accuracy and stability on the greens. Counterbalanced putters are a great option for golfers who want greater control over their putting strokes as well as improved feel and feedback. They tend to be heavier than other types of putters, so make sure you find one that fits your size and preferences before making a purchase. Additionally, it's important to get professional advice when selecting a counterbalanced putter in order to ensure it is best suited for your playing style.

What is the difference between face balanced and toe balanced putters?Face balanced putters are designed with the center of gravity located directly behind the face of the club. This helps to promote a squarer contact with the ball, which can lead to an improved putting stroke and more consistent performance on the greens. Toe balanced putters, on the other hand, have a center of gravity shifted towards the toe of the club head. This type of putter is ideal for golfers who prefer a slightly arced putting stroke. Both types offer great stability and accuracy but it's important to find one that works best for your playing style.

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