9 Best Mallet Putter Cover

mallet putter cover

Are you tired of mallet putter covers that don’t fit your clubs properly?

And whose magnetic closure does hold it strong enough?

Are you tired of low quality putter cover that wears out quickly?

Do they move around and cause constant disruption during your swings?

I know your situation and what it is like to feel when you receive a putter cover that doesn’t fit your mallet putter and whose magnetic closure does not hold up and is lost on the golf course, causing your putter to wear out quickly.

Also the low quality cover deteriorates quickly and feels like a waste of investment you did for the putter’s prolonged life.

Not only does the putter without cover become worn or damaged itself, but it also rubs against other clubs or when it is jostled around in a golf bag.

I know it’s not the loss of just the worth of your putter but also the feeling of with you bought it.

But don’t worry about it. You came to the right place.

I got you covered!

In this article, I rank and review the 9 best mallet putter covers, along with my 5 top picks, whose magnetic closure is strong enough and sturdy enough to pass the test the time and fits your mallet putter properly.

Craftsman Golf Mallet Putter Cover

Craftsman Golf Putter Cover

Having a mallet putter cover is essential for a golfer.

It helps keep your mallet putter in pristine condition and protects the head of the putter from scratches, dings, and other damage that can occur when it rubs against other clubs and can also help maintain its loft and lie angle.

Additionally, a putter cover makes it easier to find and identify your putter in a crowded golf bag or on the putting green.

This mallet putter cover has a classic white, red and blue American flag design pattern that looks great when carrying it on the green.

American flag putter cover is a great way to show your patriotism while also protecting your mallet head.

This putter cover is high quality PU leather which is sturdy enough and comes with a strong magnetic closure to keep it secure from scratches and other damages.

It fits perfectly on heel shaft putters from Taylor Made, Odyssey, Ping, Scotty Cameron, Cobra, Bettinardi, PXG, Wilson, Cleveland and Mizuno mallet putter models.

Craftsman Golf also offers putter covers for mid mallet and center shaft mallet putters.

The magnet closure of this cover is improved by the company for maximum magnetic force and is well stitched.

Its design fits the entire mallet head of the putter, which helps to clean and be safe from dirt and dust when not in use.

The cover measures 4.4 inches long by 5.5 inches wide by 1.4 inches high, making it great for mallet putters of all sizes.


  • Low price.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Strong magnetic closure.
  • High-quality PU leather material.
  • Best for putter size 5.3 inches in length and 4.3 inches in width.
  • Fits mallet putter models from Taylor Made, Odyssey, Ping, Scotty Cameron, Cobra, Bettinardi, PXG, Wilson and Cleveland mallets.


  • Printing and stitching issue.

The VIXYN mallet putter cover is a great option for golfers looking to spruce up their bags and protect their expensive mallet putters.

Its universal fit fits most mallet putters on the market, including brands like Odyssey, Scotty Cameron Mallet Putters, Titleist, Ping and Taylormade mallet putters.

This putter cover is beautifully designed with a sleek, modern look that will stand out on the course and make you feel confident when putting for a triple bogey

It’s also lined with soft plush material to protect your mallet putter from scratches, dents and UV rays.

This putter cover also features a strong magnet closure that keeps it securely closed.


  • Universal fit and works with most mallet putters.
  • Sleek, modern look that will stand out on the course.
  • Soft plush lining to protect mallet putter from dents and scratches.
  • Strong magnet closure which is more reliable than velcro closures.
  • Perfect gift idea for any golfer or as a tournament giveaway.


  • The material doesn’t feel premium but should still be durable.

This mallet putter cover from Pins & Aces Golf Co. is the perfect way to add a bit of personality and style to your golf bag.

It's made from hand-sewn panels, featuring an embroidered sugar skull design on a faux mustache with an authentic Mexican blanket as the lower part of this cover.

The mallet putter cover is made with unique synthetic leather that won't fade, crack, rip or discolor over time.

This mallet putter cover fits all modern drivers up to 460cc, including Callaway, Nike, Big Bertha, King Cobra and Taylormade.

This cover protects your putter from collisions and damaging movement on the golf course.

The interior of this putter cover is super-soft and doesn't scratch the club head. So you know it will last as long as your clubs do.


  • Premium driver head cover.
  • Handmade and hand-sewn.
  • Fits all modern drivers up to 460cc.
  • Square putter cover.

  • Protects putter from collisions and damage.
  • Super soft interior won’t scratch the club head.
  • BOLD design is sure to be a conversation starter.
  • Unique synthetic leather that won’t fade, crack, rip or discolor over time.
  • Cool mallet putter cover


  • Not a magnet mallet closure putter cover.

The Aliennana Birdie Birds mallet putter covers are a delightful addition to any golfer's arsenal.

The mallet and blade putter head covers feature eye-catching designs that will make your foursome jealous while still offering protection and convenience.

This putter cover is soft yet durable, with a lucky birdie design.

This mallet putter head cover fits most mallet putters and keeps your clubs safe from dings and damage during transit.

This putter cover uses advanced embroidery for style and is made of high-quality PU leather material to keep your club head in pristine condition.

The magnetic closure allows this putter covers to be quickly taken on and off for convenience.


  • Great Quality.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Fits most mallet putters.
  • Made of high-quality PU leather material.
  • Square putter cover

  • Soft lining to protect your club head well.
  • Padding and leather are all of the good quality.
  • Magnetic closure for easy on and off.
  • Fit putter size 5.5 inches in length and 4.9 inches in width.


  • Not dustproof.

The Montela mallet putter cover has excellent patterns that not only look great but also protect your clubs while on the course.

This putter cover provides superior protection with a secure fit and is made from high-quality synthetic leather with a soft lining.

The mallet putter headcover also features exquisite embroidery craftsmanship and comes with a driver, fairway wood, and hybrid mallet cover for added versatility.

Montela mallet putter provides superior protection for your clubs. You can rest assured that your clubs will stay safe and sound when you are out.

With its colorful embroidery and superior craftsmanship, the Montela mallet putter head cover is sure to make a great addition to any golfer's bag.

Its durable construction, soft lining and convenient magnetic closure ensure your mallet putter stays safe.


  • Durable construction.
  • Magnetic closure.
  • Exquisite embroidery craftsmanship.
  • Square putter cover

  • Interchangeable Tags 3 4 5 6 X.
  • Made from high-quality synthetic leather with a soft lining.
  • Includes driver, fairway wood and hybrid cover for added versatility.


  • Interchangeable tags can get easily misplaced.

The mallet putter cover from HDE is a great way to keep your golf club investment safe.

A magnetic clasp HDE putter cover ensures that it stays firmly in place while in use and won't wear out like hook and loop closures.

The PU leather covering provides excellent protection against rain and other elements while on the course.

On the inside, a soft touch nylon interior protects against scratches and dings, making it easy to take care of.

The mallet putter cover is compatible with Ping, TaylorMade, Cobra and Cleveland golf clubs.

Its universal design makes it a great choice for any golfer looking to protect their putter while out on the course.


  • Magnetic clasp for extra security.
  • PU leather covering protects against rain and other elements.
  • Soft touch nylon interior protects against scratches and dings.
  • Easy to care for and wiped down with a damp cloth when dirty.
  • Universal putter cover compatible with Ping, TaylorMade, Cobra and Cleveland golf clubs.


  • Magnetic clasp is weak and could be stronger.

The Barstool Mallet Putter Cover from Barstool Sports is a great accessory for any golf enthusiast.

With its premium water-resistant polyurethane leather, magnetic closure, and fleece lining for additional club protection, this putter cover is designed to keep your clubs safe and secure in the best way possible.

The magnetic closure ensures easy access to the mallet head, while the fleece lining provides additional club protection.

Not only is it stylish, but it also fits most mallet putters and has a dimension of 4.625" x 8"(Open) and 1.00"(Gusset).

For easy maintenance, spot clean your putter cover as needed and let it air dry to keep it looking brand new.

With its quality design and Barstool Sports brand, this putter cover is the best choice for golfers looking to keep their mallet putters safe and stylish.


  • Fits most mallet putters.
  • Premium water-resistant Polyurethane leather.
  • Magnetic closure for easy mallet head access.
  • Fleece lining for additional club protection.
  • Spot clean and air dry for easy maintenance.
  • Cool mallet putter cover


  • Expensive as compared to other covers in the list.

The Parsver mallet putter cover is a great choice for the golfer who wants to give their mallet putter some extra protection.

This mallet putter cover is made from high quality synthetic leather and features a four leaf clover pattern on the top that stands out from the black background.

The magnetic clasp ensures that the putter cover stays firmly in place and does not wear out like a velcro closure.

Padding inside the putter cover provides extra protection for your mallet putter, while the water resistant material keeps it safe from moisture.

With its quality construction, the Parsver putter covers great value for money.


  • High quality synthetic leather
  • Four leaf clover pattern on the top
  • Magnetic clasp to secure putter cover
  • Padding inside for extra protection
  • Water-resistant material
  • Great value for money


  • Magnet closure is not strong enough complained by some people.

The Sugar Skull mallet putter cover is a classic mallet design with beautiful embroidery and plush lining that adds an extra layer of protection.

Its strong magnetic closure ensures the mallet stays secure while you're on the green.

This mallet also has a tour quality construction which makes it ideal for golfers who want a stylish, durable cover.

This mallet's cover dimensions are 5" x 6" x 1.5", which will fit most of the mallet putter.

It weighs around 8 ounces which makes it light enough to carry around the course without any issues.

 Sugar Skull mallet covers have a unique design and attractive embroidery. This putter cover is sure to turn heads on the green

and received compliments.

The Sugar Skull mallet putter cover is a great choice for those who want to add a bit of personality and flair to their golf game.

 Its unique design and tour quality construction will surely impress your fellow golfers.


  • Tour quality construction
  • Plush lining for extra protection
  • Strong magnetic closure
  • Stunning embroidery craftsmanship
  • Cool mallet putter cover


  • Some people may not like skull design .

Tell us what is your favorite putter cover?

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