5 Best Scotty Cameron Center Shaft Putter

5 best Scotty Cameron Center Shaft putter

A Scotty Cameron center shaft putter is a great club to have in your golf bag if you’re looking for an edge on the greens.

Center shafted putters provide a great combination of stability and accuracy that can help you sink more putts.

The center shaft design helps keep your hands in line with the putter head, reducing the amount of movement that can cause your ball to miss the mark.

It also helps you stay more consistent in your putting stroke by providing an easier way to align and a more solid feel when striking the ball.

In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the  Scotty Cameron center shaft putter, so that you can pick the best.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 6 STR

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 6 STR Putter

Now we know what center shaft putter can do for you.

But the question arises what is center shaft putter and why do people choose it over other styles or design putters?

What is center shaft putter?

A center shaft putter is a type of golf club designed with the shaft connected directly in the middle of the head.

Center shaft putters are often designed with a face balanced or nearly face balanced design, meaning that the club head’s weight is distributed evenly around the center of the clubface.

This design helps players maintain balance and stability when making a putting stroke, resulting in more accuracy and improved consistency.

Now let’s head to our last part of the question.

what leads people to choose this putter over other design putters?

People may choose a center shaft putter for a variety of reasons. Here are some possible reasons:


A center shaft putter can help some golfers better align the putter face with the target line as the shaft is positioned directly behind the clubface.

This can help golfers who struggle with alignment and aim, especially on shorter putts.

Stroke path:

Some golfers may find that a center shaft putter helps them keep the putter head moving on a straight path during the stroke.

This is because the center shaft design helps to balance the weight of the club head and the shaft, making it easier to maintain a consistent swing path.


Some golfers simply prefer the look and feel of a center shaft putter and may have developed a comfort level with this type of club over time.

They may feel more confident and comfortable using a center shaft putter and as a result, may perform better on the green.

Now let’s move on to the next part of your quest.

Why Scotty Cameron center shaft putter is best and why you should pick them.

The Scotty Cameron center shaft putter is one of the most popular clubs on the market and for a good reason.

The Scotty Cameron center shaft putter provides a number of advantages on the greens.

Its classic Scotty Cameron design looks great on the green and provides a feeling of confidence when lining up shots.

Most notably, its advanced center shaft design helps keep your hands in line with the putter head while making a putting stroke.

This reduces movement and helps you make more consistent contact with the ball, resulting in better accuracy and improved results.

Ok, now the question arises.

Is it best for me? Is it for pro golfers or beginners golfer?

It is suited for which players?

The Scotty Cameron center shaft putter is a great club for all levels of golfers from beginners to experienced players.

Its improved balance and stability can help beginners make more accurate putting strokes.

while its stylish design will give experienced players the confidence they need to sink more putts.

Now we know much about the Scotty Cameron center shaft putter, but

what pros player uses this putter?

Scotty Cameron, center shaft putter putters, have been used by some of the greatest golfers in the world, such as

Bryson DeChambeau, who is a five-time winner on the PGA Tour and a former U.S. Open champion.

Matt Kuchar, who is a nine-time winner on the PGA Tour and a former Players Championship winner

and Webb Simpson, who is a seven-time winner on the PGA Tour, including a U.S. Open title in 2012.


The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 6 STR Center Shaft Putter is a modern mallet putter with high-tech features designed.

It has an aesthetically pleasing design with precise visual guides built in to help guide players' alignment.

Its Scotty Cameron straight steel shaft provides the least amount of face rotation during the stroke, resulting in a face balanced setup with zero offsets.

The head Phantom X 6 is milled and crafted with optimal weight distribution for forgiveness and feel.

The club has three milled sight dots for easy alignment and neon yellow extended sight lines in the stepped down flange that frames the ball.

The putter also has a wide topline and multi component mallets crafted with sleek contours for optimal weight distribution and feel.

Its precision design and innovative features provide optimal control, accuracy, and consistency on the green.

Additionally, it has a new Pistolero Plus grip and three shaft bend options to enhance performance.


  • Straight stepless steel shaft for facial balance and zero offsets.
  • Neon yellow topline sight dots for easy alignment.
  • Three shaft bend options for enhanced performance.
  • Optimal weight distribution and feel.
  • Sleek, ground hugging contours.
  • High MOI and forgiveness.


  • Expensive.
  • Shaft may be too stiff for some players.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5s putter is for golfers looking for a unique and reliable putter.

Its center shaft design and precision milled, the tour-inspired shape provides an easy-to-aim setup for consistent accuracy on the green.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X line of putters is loaded with some of the most innovative technology in golf designed to help golfers improve their game.

The precision milled solid stainless steel face and sleek putter head profiles provide maximum MOI for increased forgiveness, while alignment cues make aiming more accurate and easier.

An advanced stability weighting system is added to this putter for maximum consistency and accuracy when putting, While the customizable stainless steel heel toe weights make the putter feel even more stable during your swing.

The Phantom X line's signature stepless steel shafts minimize face rotation to ensure a consistent roll off the face, giving you total control over your shots.

Finally, the Pistolero plus grip with non-slip texture keeps your hands from slipping so you can make a smooth and consistent stroke.


  • Easy to aim setup for consistent accuracy on the green.
  • High MOI and forgiveness with solid stainless steel face/body construction.
  • Sleek, classic look with anodized black aluminum components.
  • Precision milled tour inspired shape and advanced stability weighting.
  • Customizable stainless steel heel-toe weights for increased control.
  • Pistolero Plus grip with non-slip texture for comfortable hands.
  • Variety of shaft/neck configurations to choose from to suit personal style.


  • Expensive compared to other putters.

The Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2.6 Center Shaft Putter is great for those looking for increased consistency on the putting green.

It has a precision milled 303 stainless steel head and no offset, straight-in configuration to help provide a consistent setup at the address.

The shaft is positioned one inch back from the center, which helps maintain the same head weight as other Studio Select models while still providing a slightly thicker topline and quarter toe hang.

The Newport 2.6 also features an attractive, Tour-inspired Cherry Dot graphic along with factory interchangeable weights so you can customize your putter to fit your stroke.

It provides a straight-in, zero-offset setup with a milled sight dot to help players develop a consistent shaft angle and stroke.

The milled sight dot behind the stepless shaft gives players a reference mark for a consistent setup and stroke.

The Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2.6 Center Shaft Putter is a great choice for players looking to add more consistency to their putting game.


  • Zero-offset straight-in configuration
  • helps provide a consistent setup at the address.
  • Milled sight dot gives players a reference mark
  • Help to develop a consistent setup and stroke.
  • Attractive, Tour inspired Cherry Dot graphic.
  • Interchangeable weights allow for the personalization of the putter to fit your stroke.


  • Not adjustable to different lengths.
  • Relatively expensive compared to other putters on the market.

The Scotty Cameron Futura 5S putter is designed for players who prefer a straight shaft and center sightline.

Its 303 stainless steel construction and 6061 aircraft aluminum face sole provide maximum feel, control and accuracy.

This putter's offset-free design helps ensure proper alignment with each stroke.

Additionally, the two 20 gram weights are placed in the back of the head to provide a smooth, stable putting stroke.

This putter comes with a Matador grip designed with deep scallops that contour to your hands for an improved feel and leverage control, while the 11-inch size is comfortable without feeling bulky.

This putter's adjustable loft and lie angle help fine-tune your setup and also offers customization of ½ inch lengths for a personalized fit.


  • Stainless steel construction and aircraft aluminum face soles for maximum feel, control and accuracy.
  • Offset free design ensures proper alignment with each stroke.
  • Matador grip with deep scallop contours to your hands for improved feel and leverage control.
  • Customizable loft and lie angles help fine tune the setup.
  • Offers -½ inch lengths available for a personalized fit.


  • Not be suitable for all types of putting strokes.

The Scotty Cameron FUTURA 5MBS is a precision crafted center shaft putter designed for maximum stability and performance.

Its heavy 303 stainless steel head gives it a low and deep center of gravity, which promotes consistent contact with the golf ball.

The 6061 aircraft aluminum face sole provides an extra-large sweet spot, giving you more forgiveness on off center strikes.

The 11" black Matador mid-size grip is designed to provide a secure and comfortable connection between the golfer's hands and the putter head.

Its 3.5º loft, 70º lie angle, 34" length and lack of offset create an excellent setup for any player looking to make straight, consistent putts.

The combination of these features in the Futura 5MBS makes it an excellent choice for golfers looking to sharpen their putting game.


  • Heavy stainless steel head for maximum stability
  • Large sweet spot for increased forgiveness on off-center strikes
  • 11” black Matador mid-size grip for a secure and comfortable connection.
  • Optimal loft, lie angle, length and lack of offset for straight and consistent putts
  • Tour Black finish gives an eye catching look to the green.


  • Costly compared to other Scotty Cameron putters.
  • Not suitable for beginner golfers due to its precision-crafted construction.


What is a Scotty Cameron center shaft putter?

Scotty Cameron center shaft putter is a specialized golf club with a unique design with the center of gravity shifted closer to the head of the club. This helps create a more stable putting stroke and better accuracy when making short or long putts. The Scotty Cameron center shaft putter also adds more feel to the hands when putting, enabling players to make more accurate shots with greater control.

What are the benefits of using a Scotty Cameron center shaft putter?

The Scotty Cameron center shaft putter offers several benefits for golfers. One of the most significant advantages is improved accuracy when making short or long distance putts due to the center of gravity being shifted closer to the head of the club. Players will also experience more feel in their hands while putting, allowing them to make more precise shots. Plus, the Scotty Cameron center shaft putter has a unique look that adds style and confidence to the course.

What types of Scotty Cameron center shaft putters are available?

Scotty Cameron offers an array of putters in different styles, sizes, and colors. Players can choose from classic models such as the STUDIO SELECT ® NEWPORT 2.6 for a traditional look or opt for more modern designs like the Phantom X 6 STR or Phantom X 7 with their advanced technology and innovative styling.

How do Scotty Cameron putters compare to other brands?

Scotty Cameron putters are highly regarded for their consistent performance, quality craftsmanship, and innovative designs. Many players find that Scotty Cameron putters provide a better feel and improved accuracy when compared to other brands. Additionally, Scotty Cameron putters come with a variety of options so golfers can select the perfect fit for their game.

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