Titleist Putters: 7 Best & Honest Review

Titleist putters

Titleist has been making putters since 1960 and has established itself as one of the top brands in the golf industry. Their putters are considered one of the best on the market. Titleist putters are famous for great combinations of feel, balance and control that help you get your ball to the hole in fewer strokes. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 7 best Titleist Putters, along with my top 5 choices, so that you can pick the best.

Special Select Jet Set Limited Newport 2+

Special Select Jet Set Limited Newport 2 Putter

Titleist putters are designed to be accurate, giving you confidence on the green. In addition to their accuracy, the Titleist putters are incredibly durable and reliable. These putters feel great in the hands and allow you to control your swing accurately.

Titleist putters have been used by some of the greatest golfers in the world such as Tiger Woods, who has won multiple major championships using a Titleist Scotty Cameron putter, Justin Thomas, who won the 2017 PGA Championship using a Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X5 putter and Jordan Spieth, who won the 2015 Masters using a Titleist Scotty Cameron 009 prototype putter and have won countless major championships.

The Scotty Cameron Special Select Jet Set Limited Putter is a high performance putter designed to help you improve your game. This limited release collection features four models that are all crafted with custom graphics, a Tour Black finish, and a specialized Pistolini Plus grip.

The multi-material construction of the Special Select Jet Set Putter helps You optimize performance and stability. This putter's designs feature slightly wider profiles than standard blade dimensions to maximize MOI and provide players with a unique view from the address.

Special Select Jet Set is milled from 303 stainless steel with a solid face while incorporating a 6061 aircraft grade aluminum sole plate for proper weight distribution, balance and feel. This putter also includes a milled flange sight line for clean alignment, customizable stainless steel sole weights to provide balance, and a specialized headcover.


  • Enhanced MOI.
  • Customizable weights
  • Great sound and feel.
  • Milled flange sight line provides clean alignment.
  • Pistolini Plus grip for a more consistent feel during each swing.


  • Not suitable for beginner golfers.
  • Higher price point than standard putters.

The Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter is a modern classic used by many of the world's top golfers to win professional titles. This Putter Features an iconic blade shape, tour inspired refinements and performance balanced weighting. This Putter offers great control and accuracy on the green.

Its solid milled construction from 303 stainless steel and customizable tungsten sole weights make it an ideal choice for golfers.

The Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter comes with a refined neck that provides you with a full offset shaft. This helps to enhance performance as well as improve visibility and ease alignment for improved accuracy at address.

Its neck has been slightly recessed from the leading edge which allows you to have better control when it comes to setting up your shots.

The soft tri sole design of the Special Select Newport 2 Putter provides you with an aesthetically pleasing view of the topline from the moment the Putter is placed on the green. The three sole sections help promote consistent contact between the ball and clubface as well as provide greater stability through impact.

This design also allows for more weight to be positioned in the heel and toe sections of the club which helps shift the center of gravity towards the head for improved forgiveness and distance control.

The performance balanced weighting feature in the Special Select line of putters helps you to keep the sleek head shapes within modern weight specifications for proper weight to length setup which increases stability and produces a larger sweet spot for optimal balance and weight distribution. The result is more consistency in distance control as well as an improved feel and sound at impact.


  • Increase stability.
  • Customizable weights.
  • Great feel and sound at impact.
  • Provide improved control and accuracy.
  • Larger sweet spot for optimal balance and weight distribution.
  • High quality construction & design that provides exceptional performance.


  • Expensive.
  • Not as forgiving as other putters.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 putter is a precision milled, stainless steel and aluminum putter that has been designed with feedback from tour professionals and offers a unique combination of features that will help you achieve greater accuracy and consistency in your shots.

Its solid stainless steel face is integrated with an aluminum sole/flange for maximum performance and playability, while its sleek head profile, refined alignment cues and durable finishes provide a distinctly professional appearance.

The Phantom X 12 also comes equipped with two customizable stainless steel heel toe weights that help to increase stability and accuracy during each shot.

Its step less steel shaft has been engineered to minimize face rotation and is installed with a single mid bend aimed directly down the target line, providing tremendous control to every shot.


  • Construction for maximum performance.
  • A professional appearance.
  • Durable finishes for long lasting use.
  • Two customizable weights.
  • Increase stability and accuracy.
  • Engineered to minimize face rotation.
  • Pistolero plus grip for optimal feel and feedback.


  • Weights may not be ideal for all golfers.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 putter is a precision-crafted club designed to give golfers maximum performance on the green. This Titleist putter is made using 303 stainless steel in its face and body which are fused with the 6061 aircraft grade aluminum sole and flange component for enhanced strength and stability.

This putter has been constructed to offer golfers a soft feel, consistent sound and improved playability. The Phantom X 5.5 features tour inspired shapes that have been specifically designed with the help of feedback from professionals along with refined alignment cues which are perfect for helping golfers accurately hit their shots.

With its low bend steel shaft installed over the milled topline spud, this Titleist putter offers golfers a sleek head profile with improved sound and feel.

The advanced stability weighting system of two customizable stainless steel heel toe weights provides increased accuracy, while the Pistolero Plus Grip gives the perfect combination of size, feel and feedback.


  • Tour inspired shapes.
  • Improved accuracy.
  • Pistolero Plus Grip.
  • Two customizable weights.
  • Increased stability and sound control.
  • Advanced stability weighting system.


  • High Price.

The Titleist Select Flowback 5.5 Putter is a revolutionary golf implement designed to give you the highest level of performance and accuracy on the green. This classic mid mallet putter has been engineered with an integrated 6061 aluminum sole plate and MOI enhancing stainless steel sole weights for proper weight distribution, higher MOI and pure performance.

The innovative slant back neck is uniquely designed and lays back toward the heel for enhanced toe flow, promoting a naturally arcing putting stroke. And the refined three red dot “cherry ring” back cavity design brings out its beautiful presentation on the green.

Milled from a solid block of 303 stainless steel this insert free putter head and face come with a mid-milled pattern to deliver a superior feel and feedback. With the Titleist Select Flowback 5.5 Putter, you can expect improved ball control and more consistent results because of its increased MOI, adjustable weights, and short game performance enhancements from the slant back neck and toe flow.

The Titleist Select Flowback 5.5 Putter is available in 3 different lengths- 33", 34" and 35". It has a loft of 3.5º, lie of 70º, comes with the Pistolini Plus grip, and includes 2 x 20 grams (33"), 2 x 15 grams (34") or 2 x 10 grams (35") weights.

Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting, Titleist Select Flowback 5.5 Putter is the great putter to help you achieve great results in golf. With its revolutionary features, superior performance and classic design, Titleist putters are sure to give you the edge on the green.


  • Beautiful design.
  • High MOI for better performance and consistency.
  • Improved weight distribution and higher MOI.
  • Helps promote a naturally arcing putting stroke.
  • Adjustable weights allow for personal customization.
  • Available in three different lengths (33”, 34”, 35”).
  • Pistolini Plus grip ensures the improved ball.


  • Not suitable for more experienced players looking for a more advanced putter.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9.5 Putter is Titleist's renowned line of precision crafted putters designed with input from both professional and amateur golfers.

It's precision milled tour inspired shape and sleek profile provide optimal alignment cues, while a small slant/jet neck ensures minimal face rotation with every stroke.

This high-performance club combines precision engineering, solid stainless steel construction and superior craftsmanship to help golfers get the most out of their swings.

The Phantom X 9.5 offers a full range of features, including an aluminum sole/flange component for maximum playability, a milled topline spud neck design and a low bend stainless steel shaft.

The club's sleek putter head profile and refined alignment cues make it easier to line up putts, while the two customizable stainless steel heel toe weights provide enhanced stability and forgiveness. The club also comes with an updated Pistolero Plus grip that has a non-lip texture for a better feel and feedback.


  • Minimizes face rotation.
  • Optimal performance and feel.
  • Advanced stability weighting.
  • Increased forgiveness and distance control.
  • Refined alignment cues for easier alignment.
  • Updated Pistolero plus grip provides improved feel and feedback.


  • Limited selection of club models available for customization.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7.5 Putter is precision milled with tour inspired shapes to give golfers the ultimate performance and playability.

With a sleek putter head profile, refined alignment cues, and high durability finishes, this putter is designed to help you shoot lower scores and improve your game.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7.5 Putter features a specific shaft and neck configuration designed to produce optimal performance for golfers of all abilities.

The club has a low bend step less steel shaft installed over a milled topline spud, with small slant/jet necks much like the recently revamped Phantom X 5.5.

The specific neck/shaft configuration of the Phantom X 7.5 helps golfers to achieve great results in their game by reducing face rotation and providing a more consistent, accurate putt.

Furthermore, the advanced stability weighting with two customizable stainless steel heel toe weights helps to ensure that your club is perfectly balanced for the perfect swing.


  • Provides a precise, consistent swing.
  • Advanced stability weighting offers great balance
  • Refined alignment cues helps you stay on target.
  • High durability finishes make this putter last longer.
  • Optimized neck helps to reduce face rotation for greater accuracy.


  • Required longer to get used to because of the custom neck/shaft configuration.


What kind of Titleist putters are available? 

Titleist offers a wide range of putters, including blade-style and mallet-style models with both traditional and counterbalanced options. They offer face Balanced and slightly offset designs that come in left or right handed models. You can even customize the look of your putter with special paintfill and engraving options.

How do I choose the right Titleist putter for me?

Choosing the right Titleist putter comes down to personal preference and skill level. Generally, blade-style putters are more suitable for experienced golfers while mallet-style putters are more suited for beginners. You will also want to consider the materials and design of the putter, as well as its length, loft angle, lie angle and grip size. Experiment with different models until you find one that fits your game best.

How should I care for my Titleist putter?

To keep your Titleist putter in optimal condition, wipe it down after every use and store it in a cool, dry place. Clean the head of your putter with a damp cloth or golf club cleaner as needed. You should also periodically check for damage to the head and shaft, such as dents or cracks. Replace any damaged components to ensure that your titleist putter performs at its best.

What are the benefits of using Titleist putters?

Titleist putters are designed for maximum performance and accuracy, with features such as face balanced designs, counterbalanced options and customizable paint fill and engraving options. They also use premium materials for increased durability, so you can trust that your Titleist putter will last for many rounds of golf. Additionally, Titleist offers a variety of models to suit every golfer’s needs.

Are Titleist putters expensive? 

The price of Titleist putters varies depending on the model and any customization options you choose. However, Titleist putters provide excellent quality and performance, so they are worth the investment.

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